I <3

Is it possible that Benton James will be three months old on Saturday? I have no words.


8 responses to “I <3

  1. Nonna want to kiss those baby cheeks. Sigh.

  2. it doesn’t take long, does it? they grow and change soooo fast! lots of pictures should be taken 🙂

  3. Oh I just want to smoosh those cheeks and kiss those pouty little lips! He’s so adorable!

  4. wow. srsly??

  5. I can’t believe it’s been three months! My GOD!

    Benton, you’re the cutest Senator EVER.

    Does his onesise say “I HEART POLITICS?”

  6. hey megan, i just stumbled upon your blog a couple weeks ago when i started documenting my pregnancy pooch in comparison with the fruits/veggies all my preggo e-newsletters throw at me. i got curious to know if anyone else had done this, so i googled something along the lines of “maternity series food comparisons” and your blog popped up.

    i have to admit i was a little upset that you started this first, and that your posts are all so hilarious. hard to compete, geez.

    in any case, congrats to you, love your blog and i’m following you in your mom adventures. i’m due in march so i’ll be looking to you for advice. scared? 🙂

    – Laura (ourlifeisgolden.com)

  7. What a sweetie!! I know how you feel… our little man just turned seven months and he said Da Da for the first time tonight!! I’m a new reader… your photos are so lovely!!

  8. It goes by so so fast. Which is why I take a million and one pictures – mostly on my iphone since I always have it in my pocket. I may not result in super high quality pictures but I’m afraid if I don’t capture the moment I will forget things. Scarlett is now walking and I find myself wondering how in the crap that happened!

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