The Walk

I. Love. Crunchy. Leaves.


If you are a pile of crunchy leaves, prepare to meet my stompy foot. I can’t help it. You’re asking for it, just sitting there being all colorful and crunchable. I’m looking forward to teaching Benton about this. Hoping he uses two stompy feet and jumps on them repeatedly. Because that would make his mama proud.

For now, I was the active member of our early fall walk yesterday. B slept like a good baby, and I took photos. 900mb of photos in just an hour.

SO. Let’s just say I had a good time. Clearly.

It was one of those things I did just for me. Which is so so so important.

More here. Are you on Flickr? Let’s be friends.


5 responses to “The Walk

  1. nice snippy-snapping. keep doing things just for you!

  2. THE CRAYON WITH THE BALLOON. OMG. *skips off to favorite it on flickr*

    I am so very glad the walk made you happy, and thank you for passing on the happy to others by writing this post.

  3. Great photos, friend! I especially LOVE the pencil and the heart. And the wall, and your feet. 🙂

  4. What a fabulous walk 🙂
    (I love crunchy leaves too…)
    That little heart is just precious!

  5. Crunchy leaves are wonderful.

    Thrifting, twitter, and the ol’ blog are definitely just for me. I let it all go for the first year of Isobel’s life due to PPD, and that was a huge mistake. I am a better mom, wife, and human when I have these things in my life.

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