Wearing the Baby

I am a bit behind on posts. There is a whole line up in my head that is starting to create some congestion. Here is one that was supposed to go up last week.

Four months ago, I was concerning myself with the baby registry. It is one of those things that I obsessed over during the pregnancy. But hindsight’s 20/20 and here is what I have to say about the baby registry now: meh.

Although a lot of the things I bought and was given were designed to make my life easier with a newborn and beyond, now I know that you really don’t need most of that stuff.

So what does the baby need?


And maybe some diapers. But mostly? Me. For many hours a day.

What I have found out very quickly is that babywearing makes this whole baby-needs-me-all-the-time thing more possible and also enjoyable. There are more advantages than just the obvious one of being hands-free so you can…well…you know, live your life.

When they are newborns, is a nice way to help transition them into the world from the womb. Even if we held our babies 12 hours a day, that is still half the time they are used to being carried. Crazy.


Right, B? Crazy. I know.


He doesn’t cry when I wear him.

He sees what I see instead of just laying there looking at the ceiling.

It is the easiest way to get him to nap on the days he is fighting them.

I can also feed him while wearing him. The other day I was brushing my teeth while nursing and typing. Any multitasking is made easier while babywearing. And from what I gather from friends’ experiences, moms of more than one would certainly agree with me on this one.

I learn more about his cues since he is close to me. We understand each other a bit better.

When I ride the train, I don’t feel like I am taking up a huge space with a stroller, and even when it gets crowded, he feels safe next to me. He has yet to throw a fit on public transportation. However, he is an expert at frowning at the redline passengers. I don’t blame him.

Along those same lines, strangers are less likely to come up and touch Benton if I am wearing him. A word to strangers who think it is cool to touch other people’s babies without warning: No.

Best of all, it is just nice to be close. After about 7 weeks of age, he stopped napping on our chests. He is already becoming more independent. But when I am wearing him, he will lay his little head down on me and be happy with the world.

If you are a mama-to-be and are in the obsess-over-the-registry phase, do yourself a favor and add a wrap, sling, or carrier to your list. My favorite right now is the Ergo. (Though if you buy the Ergo, you will need a newborn insert for the first couple months.) But if I had to choose just one for the first three months? I would choose the Moby wrap or something like it. It is one of the more affordable options, and it is also very versatile. But ring slings are nice, too. Crap, it is hard to choose just one.

If you want to learn more about babywearing from 165 different parents who love it as well, visit this post and check out all the links at the bottom.

Happy wearing!


9 responses to “Wearing the Baby

  1. Yay babywearing! I agree on the Moby for the first few months and the Ergo thereafter. We got our Ergo after Wesley was big enough to not need the insert, but I really don’t think I would have liked it in the early months. Too structured. The Moby was soft and snuggly.

    I tried a ring sling once and couldn’t get the hang of it. Plus, it was mesh and scratchy. Pouch slings don’t seem to work for me either – is it because my boobs are too big? Your ring sling is gorgeous and seems pretty comfy.

    I love that you have so many photos of you and B out and about! Three cheers for babywearing!

  2. Baby B is looking much bigger lately.

  3. Even as an 18 month old, when I wear Isobel in the sling she’ll lay her head on me and snuggle.

    I loved my sling but when we have more I want to branch out. There’s no way I could have nursed in the carriers I had. I will definitely pick your brain when the time comes.

  4. I don’t think I had David in a carrier more than a few hours total… goes to show how many ways there are to be a momma. I’m glad you are enjoying motherhood so much! It is so wonderful to spend your time caring for one of God’s little creatures that he used YOU to create, isn’t it?

  5. i didn’t discover babywearing until much later. I put him in a carrier and would carry him around. I plan on doing this with the next baby just wearing them the whole time. Make the transition from one to two children a lot easier for all parties involved.

  6. Oooh I love this! You have some great carriers and the cutest bundle to put in them. He’s a doll.

    (so are you.)


  7. I could not have survived without my Sleepy Wrap (kinda like a moby). Sure enough, whenever I put her in it, she went to sleep. I also had a baby bjorn for when it was hot and we were outside.

    Dang it, now I’m wishing she were little enough to be worn again!

  8. We have a beco carrier and I love it – Scarlett loves being worn on my back now since she’s getting bigger. I wish I would have gotten a moby wrap for when she was tiny – I couldn’t put her in the beco for a while and the baby bjorn (I know, not as good, but it was a gift and used a bit when she was small) until she was 8 pounds. She started out tiny with lots of ear infections and reflux so it took a while to get big enough to use them. I know now for the next baby at least 🙂

    And Benton is so freakin handsome!

  9. Definitely agree — Moby for the first few months and then on to the ERGO. I still use my ERGO with my 22 month-old when we go someplace where I need to put him on lockdown for a few minutes. We are flying on Thursday and I am bringing it along in lieu of a stroller so I can (hopefully) carry him off the plane asleep. And mine has lasted through 2 kids and it still is great shape. . . . and end unsolicited ERGO endorsement.

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