A Post About Nothing

I was writing some dribble of an intro paragraph when I looked to my left and saw this. There are moments that knock the breath out of me. In a good way. This was one of them.

As common as it is, it still astounds me on a daily basis that I made this person. And he continues to live solely off my body. There are moments when I want my body back to myself, but then I am instantly sad at the thought of it.

Yes, this post is brought to you by the Hipstamatic App. Because my camera is at the bottom of the diaper bag, and because I am tired. I don’t feel like going into all the reasons that I am tired. Because, you know, that is just tiring.

Besides exhaustion? I feel shockingly good. I have a giddy sensation in my gut like I used to get before the fall semester started. Or a new job. Life is changing so quickly.

The seasons are quickly turning as well, but we have been having some awesome fall walking weather. (Except for today.) I’m slightly worried about cabin fever once the Chicago winter hits. Benton really enjoys the walks we go on and they keep me sane. I am not sure how we will keep that up in the ice and cold. Frightening.

I love being a family. Even though we are just three, it feels so warm and cozy. Even when we are barefoot.

I’m never really alone anymore, but yet I’m alone all the time. I have no particular place to be, but I can’t just disappear. Sometimes on our walks I just stop in the middle of the sidewalk and sway with the sleeping baby while I search for a four leaf. To anyone passing by it would seem like I was waiting for someone. But I am just swaying.





8 responses to “A Post About Nothing

  1. The feets.

    They kill me.


  2. Such gorgeous pictures… but that last one has me in a puddle of mush 🙂 I have so many pictures of my daughter almost exactly like that – paci, eye lashes, nestled up against me in a wrap or sling. They are just so precious.
    Beautiful little boy you have 🙂

  3. oh i love this post. please post more about nothing. 😉

    and what kind of paci is in the bottom picture b/c i know benton used to like soothies, and i can’t break lucy of her soothie habit, but they are the biggest pita to keep clean. and i’m tired of licking her pacis to clean off the gunk, lol.

  4. isn’t motherhood the best? seriously. and i was JUST talking to a friend tonight about the amazement in creating such a person. and i love, love how our bodies provide for them.

    this is really a post about everything. 🙂

  5. “but I can’t just disappear” ….I know exactly what you mean. So well said.

  6. Your post is the poetic epitome of serenity, expressed in the eloquent
    words and images only a (joy-fully tired) mother can offer. This is a
    very special time in your life, Megan, and I am thankful to hear how
    you are drinking it all in. I love you, and your gift for putting
    into words what you feel so deeply. -Dad

  7. Sometimes nothing in particular is everything. Love these photos.

  8. Love the post and pictures. Please post about nothing more often 🙂

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