Wind is Windy

The ChiClone. We have it.

The wind has been furiously blowing and gusting for the last couple days. The windows bow and the construction dirt flies. This means that I haven’t been outside much since Monday.


While I paced the apartment this afternoon with Benton, Justin texted that he would be home a little late. I was a bit sad, but not broken since he is usually home at a decent hour.

Our pacing ended in the bedroom and we sat on the floor by the window. I was busy thinking about silly grown up things when I noticed that B was enthralled with the curtains. Or what was behind the curtains. The wind that was keeping me inside was making the trees into manic shadow puppets in front of the setting sun. He was absolutely mesmerized.

I was instantly reminded that everything is new to this little person. There is very little that has been sorted into the BAD or GOOD categories in his little mind. Everything just falls into the NEW bucket. He doesn’t see the wind as being a drag. It is just a tree puppeteer that is performing for his personal entertainment.

I let him lay there and watch and kick until the sun set behind the neighboring apartment building. I thought back to a post I wrote in May. My friend, Amber, had made a comment about someday watching the sunlight dance with my baby. She said it would be magical.

Well, it was.

And now I shall swallow my pride and sing Mr Sun to you in my mom voice. I must really love you people.


11 responses to “Wind is Windy

  1. Well, talk about starting your day with a smile! This was a wonderful thing to open my twitter up to. Is it bad that I open that before my (work) email?

    This is one time I’m glad to be able to say “I told you so.”

    Now, if only I could convince the hub we need to experience those things again…

  2. i refuse to post videos that show of my mom voice. too embarrassed!

    it’s amazing how everything is new to them. you can see the world all over again.

  3. OH my goodness. What a sweet home movie. Mom voice is The Best.

  4. You poor things. I’d get so crazy being stuck inside that much.

  5. The Weddington Adventures

    It’s great 2 know you’re both growing. Life is a journey & you’re definitely going for a ride. Continue 2 live;)

    peace!…with 2 fingers;)

  6. best. post. ever.

    i actually have tears in my eyes. you’re such a great mommy, megan. xo

  7. How beautiful is that? Positively.

  8. this is perfectly beautiful.

    [imma subscribe to your blog now because i’m a terrible blog reader, but when i do, only the handful in my reader get read. i can’t be missing stuff like this.]

  9. omg that is beautiful….just a perfect perfect video of love and such a tender moment 🙂

  10. This put a smile on my face tonight.

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