Cotton Candy Clouds

Every morning a thousand things line up. This does not feel heavy to me and I like trying to tackle it all. The morning feels light. All is well.

The nighttime is when I fade.

Writing waits patiently at the back of the line, and often gets lost in the dark . I feel so sorry for it.

The people who I look up to the most seem to write everyday. And their line-up of things to do is surely longer than mine. I know how good it feels to be able to keep up with that daily ritual. So I am going to try again.


4 responses to “Cotton Candy Clouds

  1. Oh Megan. Whatever you do, don’t beat yourself up about not writing. I swear I wasn’t able to write again regularly until Isobel was a year and a half.

    But I love to hear from you so keep the posts coming!

  2. It’s interesting to read your words from the perspective of a woman my age.
    Every person’s experience is unique, and I quite like HOW you choose your words to be artistic, yet simply pure.
    We have WOOLEY clouds here…. quite pompous really, puffing across the blue in growing shapes and sizes. As we drove home from Sydney yesterday, we saw some outstanding clouds and fields against the mountains in the distance. They were too lovely not to collect some images. hey painted the fields and hills in shades of green, lilac and yellow.

  3. don’t stress, it will come. the B is still a little dude with lots of needs and in a few months you’ll have more time for you brain to start spinning.

  4. I’m really hoping to try and do this as well. Because really? Writing is the only thing I get to do for me, that makes me feel like my brain has not turned to total mush. Mush, if not from pregnancy hormones, from having a four-year old as well. Benton is still little, so it’s totally understandable. But I know how you feel.

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