I have a learning: Do not wait until there are only 59 minutes left in the day to begin writing the day’s post.

Dribble. Durr. And Murp.

Luckily I have pictures from what I thought was going to be a baby-mama-nap session.

Naps are for suckers!


Tummy time is most tolerable on a mama tummy.

He just doesn't look like a four-month old human to me.

And then we went for a walk. In the stroller for a change.

B, wave to the camera from your cute bundle nest of a stroller.


Right after that was taken, he informed me that he hated the stroller at that moment. He wanted to be carried for this walk, so I used my newly muscled mom arms to do just that. He talked and cooed and commented all the way home.

I don’t keep a baby book beyond this blog, and I haven’t really been keeping track of all the milestones. But there are certain things I don’t want to forget about right now. So. This next part is notes for the future me that wants to remember what was going on with little 16 week-old Benton.

  • When I hold him in his favorite position—standing—he looks around with so much curiosity and his little jowls puff out.
  • He is starting to use his hands more deliberately each day, and when I hold him, he grabs onto me. I love that he needs me.
  • He has smelled amazing since he was born and continues to be huffable.
  • When he wakes up confused after a nap, all he needs is his mom or dad’s face to remind him he is safe.
  • When we hold him in the mirror to check out our reflections, he gazes back with a huge grin and then buries his face in our shoulder.
  • No matter how far I scoot away in the bed, he manages to velcro himself to me. Even while he is asleep, he will migrate until he is a baby barnacle.
  • His hands and feet are enormous and I have to clip his fingernails daily because they grow faster than I ever thought they could.
  • He rolled over on Halloween and is just beginning to practice sitting on his own, although it is very humpty dumpty.
  • When I tell him that I love him, he responds in baby chatter almost every time.


8 responses to “Durrr

  1. Guess I’m not the only one in the late blogging situation! He’s gorgeous! And speaking of fingernails, my LO just scratched the heck out of her face…got to get the clippers out!

  2. Isobel is totally a baby barnacle in bed. There is no escaping her!

    These pictures made my morning.

  3. I found your blog through LittleBig, and I’m so happy that I did! It’s interesting how blogs serve the purpose that baby books used to. We even have a print baby book, but I really prefer the interactivity and the different types of media I can use with the blog. I also like that, even when I’m exhausted and it’s one in the morning, I’m still pretty inclined to write in ours and that seems to be the case with other parents. So, thank you for writing! It’ s always good to meet another excited new mama and her adorable, funny baby.

    On a totally unrelated note, where did you find that awesome hat? We are big fans of hats with ears.

  4. Giggling at the baby barnacle. I have one of those too. And the FINGERNAILS, omg. Nobody told me they would grow so fast.

    Benton is so adorable! And his ear-hat is so great!

  5. The grabbing for mama or daddy is great, isn’t it? Liv has just started reaching up and leaning forward when she wants to be picked up. It’s awesome to be wanted like that.

    And, baby barnacle. I died.

  6. He is getting SO big and is SO cute.

    I try to write down milestones. I even have this goal to compile a scrapbook/baby book. Maybe it will happen when Elise turns 18 and goes off to college.

  7. Warmed my heart to see him waving & all snuggled up with the little bunny I gave him. Gotta look for an Aussie koala hat to send him now! I so wish I could reach out across these 10,000 miles and hold him again, maybe have a little dance in the sunlight and sing him a grandpa song….

  8. Your Benton is an old soul, no doubt about it. I can’t wait till he talks and can tell us all what he’s thinking.

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