Don Q

I found tiny newborn diapers in the front pocket of the suitcase that I was packing. Seems like B wore those ages ago (heh). It made me a little sad. But obviously, he is still a relatively wee baby, and most days I spend sniffing his head and savoring him, usually searching for the pause button. It must be hidden somewhere, right?

I have to be honest though. There are many occasions where I would like to speed things along. I want to have a conversation with him.

Today, when we were driving from Chicago to Indianapolis, we travelled through a patch of land that had hundreds of windmills. Miles and miles of enormous, other-worldly wind turbines. I hadn’t seen these before, and was as excited as a kid. The sun was setting and the sky was wild with storm clouds, rainbows and colors. The perfect backdrop to the surreal landscape I was feeling lucky to see.

I was thinking of how awesome it will be to drive through the windmills with B in the back seat when he is facing out an observing the world like I do. We would talk about Don Q, how rainbows are made, and how the earth revolves around a ball of fire that is larger than you can ever imagine.

But today, he was just a cozy baby in his bubble. Which is just fine for now.

Yeah, this is taken while I was driving. Do not freak out. I am an expert at using the camera on the phone without looking at it.


5 responses to “Don Q

  1. this is so sweet. i am going to be so cliche for a moment … yes, it goes by so fast. and before you know it, he’ll be chattering away in the back seat, and you’ll be wondering if he ever shuts up, lol. and it will be amazing and awesome and

    i’ll be honest, i am so very eager for lucy to start sitting up and playing, only because emma wants it soooo bad. she’s tired of having a baby sister who doesn’t do anything, and i am so ready for them to sit and play with dolls and puzzles and oh my goodness, i can’t wait. but then today, i was snuggling and rocking before her nap, and she looked up at me with those big brown eyes, and i told her to stay that size forever.

  2. God, I think looking at the tiny clothes is the saddest part. Then later you’ll look back and pictures and cry.

    All that said, I CONSTANTLY wanted her to grow up. I couldn’t wait for milestones. Isobel v.2 was worth the wait. She is so, so much fun now. I love the interactive parenting so much more than the newborn parenting. But I do miss the cuddly little lump she used to be. There’s so much to explore now she has less time for snuggling.

  3. Oh I know how you feel. I want Olivia to grow up a little more so bad but I also want to pause her EXACTLY where she is right now.

    I guess I’ll just keep having babies…

    Don’t tell my husband I said that.

  4. i did the exact same thing to these during sunrise & thought, “i’ll never show these because people will know i was driving.” totally an expert at not looking.


    last time we drove by these clayton said, “WHOA” and pointed to them. it is fun to watch them grow, but [as you know] even more fun to savor exactly where you are.

  5. I know exactly what you mean. I am so excited to see the little person that Audrey will turn into! But I’m trying to remind myself of how quickly it goes (I simply cannot BELIEVE that Maggie- my headstrong, stubborn, lovely, hilarious three-and-a-half-year old- was ever as tiny as Audrey is right now) I hate to wish away these baby days, but it’s tough not to look ahead a little bit 😉 (also… I’m honestly not a fan of the newborn stage. I started having the most fun with Maggie when she was 6 months old or so!)

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