Dad Hands

We had a great time on our mama-baby road trip. But there is no place like home.

Benton is starting to be such a little person. I can’t imagine that someday he will have hands as big as his dad’s. I wonder if they will have scars and stories to tell. Will they have grease under the nails? Will he be a handy man like his Grandpa? Will they be smooth hands that prefer the pages of a book like is Dad’s? Will they play the piano like his Uncle? Expertly change diapers of his own babies?

GAH. I can’t even think about the last one.


4 responses to “Dad Hands

  1. Wow, these photos are amazing! You’re a great photographer. We might be doing a photo contest soon at TOCKids and it would be great to have your submissions. Just a heads up. More info will be forthcoming.

  2. I still want to smell him. Totally Not Creepy, right?

  3. I remember when Henry was that age, and I kept thinking how crazy it would be when I could hold a conversation with him. Now, he’s four and we talk like best friends. I remember thinking about how crazy it would be when he was potty trained: done. Or when he could pick out his own clothes, therefore denying me my one and only styling job: check. Benton is so precious, and I love seeing how much you adore being his mama. I can’t wait for Ezra to get here…less than four weeks now….

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