The Screaming

There was a lot of screaming today. Really sad scrunchy-faced-hair-wet-with-tears kind of screaming. Completely inconsolable and heart-breaking screams. I don’t know how parents who have truly sick kids deal with it. My goodness, the hurt. Poor baby. Poor mama.

I was finally able to calm him after the 4 month checkup, which was apparently the most traumatic thing that has ever occurred in his little bity life. I am switching pediatricians because my mom sense tells me to do so for a variety of reasons (outside of the screaming).

We snuggled in the bed for the whole afternoon to make it better. I hope he forgives me and is back to his normal self tomorrow.

Speaking of snuggles, this was the scene just before I had to wake the babe for 7th layer of pediatrician hell:


12 responses to “The Screaming

  1. Okay, I have to say I’m not generally a fan of cats, but that is the sweetest picture ever. I *wish* my dogs would snuggle my baby girl like that, but they still seem just a little freaked out by her. Hoping that changes as she gets a little older (& bigger).

  2. Babies and kitties! Such adorable photos.

    I saw the pediatrician thing on Twitter and just… grah. I am glad you are going with your gut and switching.

  3. Aww how sweet and touching! Porpus just knew poor Benton needed extra cuddles… Hope you all have a better day today.

  4. um, the cuddling. oh, the cuddling. that’s just ridiculous.

  5. Poor baby! And poor mama! That’s just awful.

    At least you have Nanny Porpus.

    I really hope this posts. Gah.

  6. haha awe I wish my cat was nicer. She’s never cared for the baby usually stays far away from him. Especially now that he’s 2 (I don’t blame her).

    Too cute!!

    If your gut says to change peds do it. Your ped should be someone you actually want to go and see. We’ve loved the two we’ve had and the only thing I hate about going is packing up the kid and making sure he stays out of trouble.

  7. that has to be THE sweetest thing i have ever seen 🙂

  8. Oodles of warm waves of empathy Megan and Benton. Were there any inoculations involved? Or was it insensitivity of the physician? At any rate, I am re-thinking the pros and cons of immunizations. Has that been a concern of yours as well?

  9. Trust that mama instinct of yours. And oh, the cuteness! One of these days you are going to strike a fatal blow to that lone remaining ovary of mine…

  10. Sweet snuggly baby and kitty. Good luck in the hunt for a new pediatrician.

  11. Ok, I hate cats…but that’s one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen in my life. Your cat = cool.

  12. Oh, poor baby Benton. And poor mama Megan. Henry was just sick with some strange, rogue fever that wouldn’t go away; it lasted almost two weeks. I’m so thankful for his health, because truly sick kiddos? That makes my heart ache and break in ways I wasn’t aware possible. Trust your gut, and find someone that fits your and Benton’s needs to a tee 🙂

    The pic of your kitty and Benton is quite posssibly THE cutest thing I’ve ever seen. And isn’t all-day-bed snuggling the best?

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