Post from the Grave

Good people, I have died. Because my heart asploded.

There are a lot of parenting moments that I dreamt up in my head before I actually become a parent. I thought that things will be a certain way. And sometimes, to my delight, they are. Only they are better than anything my imagination could have dreamt up.

I can remember folding his clothes on top of my pregnant belly thinking “Ohmygosh it will be so fun to dress this little bebeh.” Or  “Squeeeeee, these hooded bath towels are the BEST. He will be such a clean, squishy dumpling. I can’t wait.”

These fluffy little baby moments certainly do happen. But being a mom thus far, I have learned that most of the day is made up of moments that I could hardly have predicted. Many are less fluffy than the cuteness of dressing a freshly bathed babe. And of course some stretches of the day are just tough.

So, if you are sitting in a half decorated nursery, folding baby socks and dreaming of putting little toes into these socks, don’t let anyone poop on your parade. These moments aren’t just the stuff that dreams are made of. They happen. They will not make up your ENTIRE day. But they will punctuate your most trying days with bursts of happy that will give you fuel to get through the poo. True story.


9 responses to “Post from the Grave

  1. I ❤ you. And the Senator. That is all.

  2. His expressions are the best. Seriously.

  3. Picture #1–I could look at it all day.

  4. I’m still smiling from todays story, punctuated by Baby Benton’s pictures.
    It’s a lovely reflection, tenderly told. Thanks Megan, for giving me a moment today to turn my thoughts homeward, and peek into your day.

  5. ZOMG. That first photo especially.

  6. Gah, he is so cute. So cute.

  7. And it’s those amazing moments that make the screaming, pooping & not-so-fun moments absolutely worth it. I just died a little with you. Yummy baby!!

  8. That last picture just made MY heart “asplode”!! 😉 Gotta love these moments…

  9. He looks older than 18 weeks. He sort of has this wiseness about him. What a gorgeous little guy. Those moments do carry you through some incredibly hard times, don’t they? Just wait — I think the toddler stage is even MORE fun. And hard.

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