The Minutes

Sometimes people ask me what I do all day. Half the time they are genuinely interested, and are likely a mom that wants to compare notes. Half the time it is meant to be rhetorical and comes off as a bit patronizing. Sometimes, I am curious myself as to what all happened, because it can easily seem a blur by the end of the day.

If you actually read all this, I will be shocked.

Anyway, it was an interesting activity for me. Overall it was a pretty typical day, only more nursing than normal. Other observations?  A lot happens before 9 a.m.

It should also be noted that I am new and have only a slight idea of what I am doing. I am not trying to advocate that you follow anything I list below, nor am I trying to prove any points. This is just what happens.

Here is an account of today:


Midnight-6:30 Early morning feedings that I really don’t keep track of.

6:30 Justin’s alarm.

6:30-7 Justin gets ready, Benton wakes up and we lay in bed, he eats his hand.

7 Justin changes B’s diaper and leaves.

7-7:15 Benton watches WGN propped up on the couch while I make coffee and cereal, feed birds, feed cats.

7:15-7:30 B in bouncer. I go to fix internet in the bedroom and come back to see poop face. Change. Back in bouncer, more poop. Change. Back in bouncer. MORE POOP FACE. Change. Back in bouncer.

7:35 I remove the loud rattle from bouncer and text Justin about insane multi- poops.

7:40 J texts “Hah.”

7:41 Second cup of coffee.

7:45 Poop check all clear. Whimpering.

7:46-8 Nursing and internet time.

8  B is transferred to crib after falling asleep on lap. TV off. Look up “Princess Di engagement ring.”

8:05 Shower. Check on baby immediately after while still in towel. Stand in nursery for a minute watching the baby flip around in his sleep. Notice it is a very light sleep, which means this nap may be limited. Rush to dress.

8:21 Check baby. Zombie eyes. Rush to do top-line clean of house. (Make bed, dirty clothes in hamper, dishes in washer, toys in baskets, bathroom stuff in cupboards.

8:26 Whimpers heard from room. Retrieve B. Baby kisses  and hugs.

8:29 Put him on the bed while I brush my teeth and brush hair. Entertainment.

8:30 Floor play with mama and toys, songs, kicking, tummy time, toy nomming, mirror chatter, bumbo sitting, rolling.

9:05 Bath time, lotion, diaper, dress baby, attempted tummy time in crib. Hates it.

9:30 B in Bouncer while I clean up bath time in kitchen and start a load of laundry, check twitter and converse with bouncing baby.

9:34 B is staring at my boobs and making mouthy movements, retrieve from bouncer, walk around with B while getting water, banana, vitamins, makeup, pillows.

9:38 Nursing, internet, banana, makeup, baby fingernail clipping.

9:57 Benton falls asleep in lap and is transferred to crib again. Nap #2 begins. Me thinks this is the long morning nap?

10 am Transfer laundry to dryer and start a new load, thaw chicken, check on baby, plug in baby monitor so that the nursery door can be closed in an attempt not to wake him with the laundry that shares a wall with said nursery, write blog post and publish. Look up cinnamon roll ingredients and do inventory of terribly organized cupboards.

10:48 B awake whimpering in crib, bring him to kitchen to continue inventory for cinn rolls, play airplane, note drowsiness and suspect nap wake-up was premature.

11 Nursing sleepy baby, internet.

11:12 Landline phone rings, baby is angry, I stomp to bedroom and lift receiver enough to slam it down. That phone is only used to buzz people in the building but telemarketers have found the number. I do not want to win a cruise!

11:13 Nursing again, B starts to come off every two seconds an stares at me, turn off loud dryer, go to rocker in nursery, let him suck on my pinky and pet his forehead thinking he will doze off, he starts to kick and I realize he is gassy, feet up by his head does the trick, starts to look like Marlon Brando, so I am suspicious of poop, change pee diaper, more feet by head.

11:40 Back to bouncer for possible poop and mama gets herself lunch, puke and Brando face in bouncer, makes parmesan multi-grain toast and minestrone soup

11:45 I eat while baby watches from bouncer with poop face, big yawn, puts baby music on iTunes, Baby Beluga

11:49 Poop check, all clear

11:50 Oh mister sun, sun, Mr golden sun, bounce bounce bounce, mama dances while eating toast, kitty walks under bouncer and gets bopped on the head.

11:52 Have you ever seen a moose kissing a goose? Marlon Brando, now I’m drinking soup from a mug, baby frowns upon this.

11:55 Lunch is over, the wipers on the bus go swish swish swish, dishes in the dishwasher, chicken goes in the crock pot with a can of Amy’s lentil soup.

11:58 B out of bouncer, onto lap for baby huffing, photobooth, hand nomming.

12:13 Finish reading Zooborns book, fussing ensues.

12:16 Nursing, watch birds eat crumbs on balcony, Porpus bites her toenails, read blogs.

12:34 B passes out on lap, wakes up during crib transfer, but I sneak out after giving him a pacifier and his penguin.

12:40 Curses loud trucks, trains, cars, horns, dogs, makes mental note to buy birdseed.

12:44 GOOOoooo from crib, get B from fake nap, put him in bear bunting, gather myself and put him in the ergo.

12:55 Go for a walk to the park and lake, get hit on by toothless guy in sweatpants, take picture of poop sign and tweet along the way, go to grocery store next door on the way home to get cinnamon roll ingredients.

1:45 arrive home, put away groceries and change B, happiest baby ever, lots of smiles, remember to turn dryer back on, and oops I forgot to buy birdseed.

1:50 Starving, eat a half Clif bar and check on crock pot.

1:55 Nursing, internet, longingly look at the other half of the Clif bar across the room.

2:17 Benton passes out on lap, I notice it is getting dark out, sad face, zone out and wonder if I should start the dough for the rolls or clean up the cat box room, getting sleepy.

2:24 Crib transfer.

2:25 Moves laptop to counter top, turns on baby monitor, begins Pioneer Woman Cinnamon Rolls, turns off hideously loud dryer because baby clothes have a ton of snaps and zippers that bang around in there constantly, gets text about a class action settlement from AT&T and this reminds me of Justin, lonely moment.

2:29 Admires goodness of the crock pot, considers it a magic cauldron, considers hugging it, considers burns.

2:33 Baby crying comes from monitor, appears to be crying in sleep so I replace the pacifier and he rolls over and is peaceful again I think, baby nightmares are so sad.

2:39 (see 2:33) Poor guy is having a hard nap day.

2:49 Briefly considers doing sit-ups.

3:00 Pull out art supplies and work on Herp Derp Lurk Giveaway.

3:21 Sad little B nightmare cries, nursing for comfort.

3:28 Timer goes off and there is something I am supposed to do to the cinn rolls, walk to kitchen with baby attached and turn off timer, really hungry baby today.

3:40 B passes out on lap momentarily and is transferred into the care of Nanny Norpus, I attend to rolls.

3:50 B is awake , change diaper, check crock pot, snuggles on couch.

4:04 Cat pukes, B plays on floor mat while I clean puke and switch out laundry.

4:10 Couch sitting while we play laundry folding game which consists of songs made up about the laundry and peekaboo.

4:30 Floor play with B, more tummy time.

4:41 Bouncer, finish dough and put it in fridge.

4:48 B squeals to get out of bouncer, and is held while I finish dough.

5:00 Wait for Justin’s text to say he is on train, nursing, internet time.

5:02 Text says he will be an hour late.

5:15 Pajama time, couch cuddles, baby talk, cat cuddles.

5:40 Video chat with grandma.

5:50 Attempted nursing and pacifier time, getting ready to nap? Weird calling the dolphins chatter, couch play, more weirdness, I make myself seasick  from rocking.

6:20 Justin texts that he is waiting for the train.

6:30 Benton falls asleep nursing on the couch. No transfer, just cover him up and move to chair and edit this post. Give up on editing. Herp Derp Giveaway work.

6:59 FRAKKING landline. Slam phone. HULK  SMASH. B is still asleep by some miracle.

7:04 Justin home.

7:10 B is awake and talking to Justin while I eat the goodness from the crock pot, listen to baby daddy chatter as J changes B.

7:20-9:00 I don’t really know. B was awake, and Justin and I took turns entertaining him. There was a lot of nursing and hiccups and some crying because this is fussy hour. Cats are fed, dishes washed, lunch is packed, face is washed. TV remains off because B gets really overstimulated if it is on.

9:00 Justin changes B and hands him over, I nurse him to sleep.

9:50 I am still on the internet, zoned out. Brain is toast. Be has been sleeping in my lap for 20 minutes. He is giggling in his sleep. Transfer to crib. Editing this post.

10:13 Publish post, gather water and phone

10:15 Done. Until B wakes up. I will then bring him to bed with us for night nursing.


18 responses to “The Minutes

  1. I can’t believe I read the whole thing. Phew. How did you find time to record the minutes? I have a sick desire to copy you and track one of my days, mainly because I never remember what it is that I do all day.

  2. I read the whole thing! Now I’m tired (not from reading, but from imagining all you do all day every day). WHEW. The Senator didn’t notify me about all those poops today, but then again it is Wednesday so I guess I should have known. xoxo

  3. Loved this. It sounds so much like my day. 🙂

  4. this was fun! I want to do this, too!!

    ps, you have a very happy baby. this is good.

  5. I wouldn’t worry about tummy time in the crib if he hates it, as sling time (you mentioned the ergo?) counts as tummy time. It uses/improves the same core muscles and everything 🙂

    You get way more done than I did with Isabel at that age. She was a every 1hr boob monster until about 7 months so I spent 99% of my time sat down nursing.

  6. i did the EXACT same thing at this age, if you want to compare notes!! here

    and i agree, you’re much more productive than i was, with the chores-doing and whatnot.

  7. Sounds like an average day with a still relatively new baby. I admire your dedication to chores. I let far too much go when I have a new baby. Or pretty much everyday, new baby or no.

  8. LOL

    This sounds like a normal day for the mom of an infant.

  9. wow this is great! I used to wonder, when I was on maternity leave, what it was that took up my time. Now I remember — all the tiny interruptions. There’s no good chunk of time, especially when they nap so bad (my guy did too, although sometimes I could get a 2 hour morning nap out of him in the swing).

  10. I read it all! I love this! It reminds me of the video thing I did a couple of years ago: The kid was older, but it was still a busy day. The video thing was fun, I may have to do it again one of these days.

    I think every new mom needs to read this, just to know that she’s not alone. Heck- anyone considering having a baby should read it! Or not… maybe it’s good birth control? 😉

  11. That was fun!

  12. Love this. So glad you posted. I’m bookmarking this for future reading when we plan to have another. My life was so very different with PPD. This is what it should have been.

  13. This is so great. WEEKS would pass me by when I was on maternity leave and I would have no idea what transpired other than me feeding the baby. I am also impressed with your productivity – you got a lot done!

  14. i am EXHAUSTED reading this…not because i read the whole thing but imagining all of the starts and stops that you have during the day. you NEVER stop!!! i am impressed – don’t know that i could keep going like that!!

  15. Wow, this is intense. And I can’t believe I read the whole thing. Get yourself a noise machine for his room….frickin’ Chicago noise, it drives me crazy too. I want that chicken/soup recipe….what else did you put in the crock pot?

  16. Pingback: a day in the life — Mr and Mrs Wright

  17. I just found this because I’m lame and suck at checking your blog. You are WAY WAY more productive than I am. I mean, when I’m at home and not the office. Which I’m not right now, or I’d obviously be working, right? *wink*

    And so now I’m going to do this. Maybe even this week!

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