Christmas Card Outtakes

Keep in mind the card reads JOY to the world.

This one is actually a contender, but I will post the final after I send it out. 🙂


13 responses to “Christmas Card Outtakes

  1. that last one … heh.

  2. Kind of love the first one.

  3. oh I like the wrinkly-neck, turned to the side one 🙂 and the cat tail one. HA

    That last one is heart-melty.

  4. These are so great. I love the neck-rollage, the cat, and the last photo with the sweet grin.

    Are you designing your own Christmas cards or going with pre-made? I’m still trying to decide how much effort I feel like putting into them.

  5. Oh! Oh! OH! They are all my favorite.

    Two years ago I made a collage of all the outtakes from our xmas shot. It was hilarious. I’ll post it and give you a shout-out this weekend.

  6. The first one is the best and fits joy to the world very well.

    Joy to the world
    I found my feet
    they are the coolest things
    They almost reach my mouth
    They sometimes are in socks
    They wiggle and tickle and touch (repeat x3)

  7. The cat tail. Oh lordy the cat tail…

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  9. I can’t stop laughing at the cat tail one. 😀 He’s precious!

  10. I love them all! The cat tail picture is priceless…I vote for that one as the card photo. Okay, that’s not realistic but it would be funny.

  11. We have a few of the cat tail pictures too.

  12. He looks like a Hochstetler!

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