The Five Month Man

I don’t know why he looks like this. But he does. It’s like I gave birth to an old man.

Why is he orating?

I mean honestly.

OOhp! Serious moment.

And the senator finally comes to terms with the situation at hand. He is a baby child. Nothing he can do.

That's right. I said BABY CHILD. Deal.

...Who learned to sit today. How is this little man almost a half-year old already? I love and hate that fact at the same time. Le sigh.


9 responses to “The Five Month Man

  1. I love the Senator SOOOOOOOO much. And I also kinda like you, too. 😉

  2. So cute. Happy five months everyone.

  3. Wow, how he’s grown!!! He’s sooo adorable. It goes so fast. Enjoy every second. And, FWIW, all babies look like old men, really. But cuter.

  4. His surprise face is the absolute BEST.

  5. That surprised/shocked face just did me in. And I can’t believe he’s five months already! I remember Tweeting it up with you when you were still pregnant….time goes way too fast.

  6. Your kid could be the new eTrade baby.

  7. Oh my. The faces make me die.

  8. His faces are so cute. Old man or not, he’s one handsome little guy.

  9. I seriously just lol’d at the first rating face for a few minutes! Love it!

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