As I type this, something CRAZY AWESOME is happening behind my back. Justin put Benton down for a nap. Successfully. WITHOUT BREASTFEEDING HIM.


This may sound insignificant to you smart parents who don’t rely solely on boobs for the baby to sleep. For those who kept a bottle introduced from early on. For those of you who have methods of putting the baby to sleep other than feeding him. For those who swaddle, use white noise, rock, shush, pat, and train. YAY. Jealous.

But having someone be able to put B down for a nap other than me is a big deal. To me. I have been scared to leave the house for an extended period of time because I am nervous the whole time I am gone that Benton will not be eating or sleeping. Eating and sleeping are kind of key elements to a baby’s day/night.

We had a couple bad experiences, and it freaked me out. Not really worth the outing for me if I am just thinking about the sad hungry baby at home. So.

As time went by, I thought I would be more OK with leaving him. Closer to being OK with a babysitter, not less. I am still not confident with leaving him with anyone other than Justin, but I will get there.

Guess who is not worried one bit? Mr. Boley. He is a bit overconfident in all of this, but better that than irrationally stressed out. I guess I need someone to balance out my crazy. He thinks that if Benton eats only an ounce out of the bottle that he is just not hungry for more. But I am suspicious. SUSPICIOUS. I don’t have ounce measurements on my boobs, but I am quite sure he should be eating more than that during a meal. Yes? No? *sideways confused glance*

I am determined to keep him interested in both boob and bottle from here on out. Because as much as I love being home with Benton, that doesn’t mean ALL DAY EVERYDAY AHHH MAAHHH GAAHh.

Ah, well. Glad he loves his daddy.


20 responses to “Weeeeeee

  1. OMG those pictures are completely amazing. So so so adorable.

  2. Luke isn’t the least bit concerned about those things either. I worry all the time whether he ate enough. I was determined to get him on both, boob and bottle, early on because I need my sanity. Now my problem, I’m worried he wants the bottle more than me. When he does eat from the bottle, he eats between 4-6 ozs. I hope he continues so you can have a break. We need them!! The last picture is just precious! Melts my heart to see that sweet smile.

  3. Whoa–awesome pictures. People are going to accuse you of doctoring those expressions. πŸ˜‰ What a baby takes from a bottle and nursing is often very different. I hope he does take to the bottle so you can get breaks when you need it. I’ve always supplemented w/formula because pumping was not so successful for me. Y’all will figure something out. Also, when you start solids that will make the bottle issue less important.

  4. really fab photos and a very exciting development πŸ™‚

  5. OMG, those photos. I die. {ovaries exploded}

  6. Oh the cute in those pictures!! I’m so happy daddy had the magic today! Yah!!

  7. Those images of Justin and Benton are the best ever! And Benton’s beaming smile is the best ever too. I have no advice. Each baby comes with its own wiring, the manufacturers guarantee is faith I guess. Baby steps, baby steps, for both Mom and baby. You are doing great Megan and Justin.

  8. That smile is to die for!! Beautiful shots!!

  9. i’ve always only nursed my kids to sleep — all of them! i’m glad this is working for you. πŸ™‚

  10. OMG that third picture down IS KILLER.

    I’m so glad you made some progress today! Hooray! There is nothing more important for Mamas than taking a break now and then, and I know how much it STINKS when you do get out of the house and spend the whole time worrying (never really happened for me with Maggie, but it has with Audrey. She’s way more high maintenance than Maggie ever was. OH GOODY! ha)

    And you’re not wrong or right in nursing B to sleep. It just means you have to work some magic when you’re not there and figure out some tricks πŸ˜‰ I hope he continues to cooperate for you!!!

  11. Benton is so stinking cute. πŸ™‚ I have nothing to add to the bottle breast debate because I’m such an absolute n00b (one week tomorrow) and am breast feeding like a fiend lately – but you can bet I will have questions in a few months!

  12. these pictures just made me smile like crazy big. i love them so so much.

    and i agree w/ jen … there is absolutely nothing wrong with nursing to sleep. i would say the majority of my very close friends nurse to sleep. nurse to comfort. nurse to calm. nurse to pacify. ETC.

    and if i hadn’t had a bottle-feeder first, then i might be one of those moms. i am just wired to try other things first. and our kids won’t be 16 and still nursing to sleep or being swaddled. i hope.

  13. You need time for yourself, lady.

    And I am totally with you on the paranoia. I’m just so lucky we live near both grandmas plus a greatgrandma who helps with childcare. I honestly want to cry when I think of leaving her with anyone else.

    Isobel doesn’t need boob or bottle to fall asleep, but it’s incredibly difficult for her to nap without me there. Difficult and frustrating for everyone involved.

  14. Wonderful photos. His smile on the last photos says it all.

  15. Jude never took to a bottle. Extremely frustrating to me when I was on my own with him starting around 3 months old, even when it was just 3 afternoons a week. Fortunately Jillian was working at an awesome chiropractor’s office who was pro-breastfeeding. I just hovered around the area during her shifts and took him in to eat when he needed it.

    Feel free to talk to her about it (over coffee, even – I would be happy to take care of the boys for an hour so you can step across the street with Jillian). She will have plenty of stories, commiseration and advice. Jude has been a boobie-baby the whole time until he self-weaned around 2 1/2.

  16. That last photo is so precious.

    There’s no right or wrong way to soothe your child. I say do whatever works. But I also congratulate you on letting your husband put the baby to sleep if that works too. We all need some “me” time. πŸ™‚

    (this from a mom of 3 who has done every manner of feeding and soothing!) πŸ˜€

  17. those pictures!! his smile!!

    i get this. especially with chloe, but really with all of them. it’s a serious milestone!

  18. YESSSS! i’m glad you ALL had a good day. i think we were lucky in that the jude never liked to nurse to sleep and he is a major thumb sucker.

    oh smiley adorable benton…

  19. hooray for boobies! And super hooray for those fantastic flying pics. Amazing.

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