Half a Year

Happy six months (a week ago today.)

I was going to write a lengthy post about all the things I have learned in a half year. But then my heart exploded and brain leaked out the back of my head. This happens a lot.


2 responses to “Half a Year

  1. That’s been happening a lot to me as of late. Like when both of my children (I said both, which means I have MORE THAN ONE…still blows my mind) are happy and the big guy is kissing or loving on the little guy. Heart explosion commences, mind blown from my skull, and nothing but hearts and flowers and love is left in the wake of all this. So I feel you. And happy half-year birthday to the man! It’s been SIX MONTHS? My mind just exploded again.

  2. Six months! Holy milestone batman. B is adorable and lucky to have a mama like you. Hope brunch went well today! 🙂

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