Winterrrrrrrrrrrr durrrrrrr…r.rrr..r.r.r.r.

I have a long history of winter blues. Followed by manic springlike behavior in the spring. This is my life. The rut of winter makes the months of April and May that much more exciting for me. It seems like I have reached Valhalla, Shangri-la, Heaven, and Underverse ALL AT THE SAME TIME. Justin has reminded me that Valhalla and Shangri-la simply cannot co-exist. I KNOW. That is just how crazy springtime is in my little heart.

But back to winter. This year has been particularly painful. Thank Valhalla that I have an easy-going happy baby. Because if I didn’t, I would not only be a sad cave troll, but I would be sad cave troll with an eye twitch and a short temper. I can deal with the sad.

Kind of.

I have vowed to get dressed every day for a week. And will also try to leave the cave. This helps immensely. Yesterday, I was dressed by 8 am, and was away from the house more than I was at home. My soul rejoiced, and it felt more like March than January. Productivity was at an all time winter high, and the baby was a joy.

I met up with some friends that I met back during our birth class at Mother Me Inc. We went to the Garfield Park Conservatory. It was my first time there, and I look forward to returning. Fresh air, plants, and adult conversation. This is like a shot of adrenaline directly into my heart. More of this, please.

I brought my camera, but when you are hanging out with other people and have a baby strapped to your hip, it is hard to concentrate on photography. I may go back alone and get some really nice shots. I did end up with some shots from the cactus room that I am pretty proud of.  🙂

Look! I spoke to other humans! This is Erin and Grant.

And this is Ethan Blaze. He spent most of his visit in this manner. Thanks for showing me the Ergo Hip Carry, little man.


9 responses to “Rut

  1. Glad you got out! Great photos! #Iseethecocktus

  2. The rubbing eye picture = A-DORABLE!

    I, too, have winter blues. I grew up in AZ and have been in Pittsburgh for 3 1/2 years (this is the 4th winter) and it’s rough. I really think, for me, it’s from growing up with sunshine ALL the time and the ability to be outside no matter what the season. The transition to Pittsburgh winter has been difficult for me too. I LOVE Spring…rain and all!

    Lily is 5 1/2 months (pterodactylish and all) and she’s helped a BUNCH this winter for me as well. I’ve found getting out does wonders for my psyche also, it’s just the hump of getting out the door. 🙂

    Your cactus pictures remind me of home….so that was a little piece of AZ sunshine for this desert girl too!

    Good luck!

  3. This makes me think I should go to the Muttart Conservatory soon. I wonder if they have a cactus room? Glad you are feeling a wee bit better!

  4. I love your photos – succulents kill me dead (figuratively). Too bad I tend to kill them dead (literally) when they are in my care.

    Daniel is kind of the same way w/r/t the weather – I can usually overlook the dreariness that is an Oregon winter (rain rain all the time) but there is a lot of lamenting during the winter. I’m glad you’ve thought of some ways to reinvigorate yourself. 😀

  5. The cactus room shots are really great there, lady! I need to get on it when it comes to knowing my camera; we’re like strangers in the night at this point. Anyway, I’m in awe of your ability to take phenomenal pictures.

  6. i love the garfield park conservatory. what a great place to go during the winter with a babe. next up for you, the shedd! also, i’m a sucker for succulents. i took a few photos there, too, and once i get into a house again, they are going to be printed, framed and hung. love.

  7. This is a very good thing. I sometimes get like this in the deeps of summer, when there’s no point in going outside because it will bake you to a crisp in two minutes flat.

  8. It looks like the perfect thing to do when the weather is wearing you down!

  9. Spring is going to feel SO AMAZING this year. I cannot wait. ZOMG.

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