The Child Likes The Cute

We haven’t watched much television over here since Benton was born. I will put WGN morning news on for about 20 minutes on weekdays. And on weekends, football (on mute). Something about the TV– he is just not a big fan.

Oh well. This is fine.

Even though the TV isn’t on, I do have the laptop open throughout the day, so I can check on my friends. I may have a social media addiction, but I am OK with that right now. I need conversation to make sure I don’t go nuts. At the end of the day, just before Justin gets home, I start watching YouTube videos on said laptop.

Much to my surprise, and great pleasure, Benton loves them. A child after my own heart, his favorite videos are of animals. Now that I type that, I realize haven’t really shown him anything but cute animal videos.


Here are his favorites so far. They are oldies but goodies.


7 responses to “The Child Likes The Cute

  1. Isobel likes some of the most random videos, I swear.
    I’ve been loving all the B photos, BTW.
    This reminds me, I’ve been thinking about doing a 100 Games To Play With Toddlers.

  2. Where does one acquire a loris? Truth be told, you get to scratchin me like that and I’m liable to have the same reaction.


  3. That first video? Shut up. (in a good way)

  4. Those are sooo adorable … the cat in the box is the cutest thing ever, too! I can see why he loves them!

  5. We (meaning me and my 3 year old) watched that first video 4 times earlier today. You have a new fan! ;-P

  6. KITTENS! inspired by KITTENS!!!

    i’m her mom!
    no, she’s not.

    that’s the funniest video i’ve ever seen!!

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