Everyone Wins

Friends, I have been wearing lipstick and getting dressed (almost) everyday. Take THAT, winter.

I’m apparently new at the whole thumbs-up thing, hence the horrible awkwardness.

I’ve also been doing little things like leaving the house almost everyday and drinking tea with myself in the afternoon. I turn on the twinkling party lights on our frozen balcony and I’m taking photos and trying to pretend I don’t loathe the winter.

Another glorious indoor activity that I have been trying? Making baby food. It turns out that this is largely a wasted effort, because I end up having to eat most of it and the child is just like “WHAaaat? This is dumb, SLAP SLAP SLAP…”

Then something happened. I stumble onto the Gussy Sews finger knitting tutorial. It seemed innocent enough. Then..


I suddenly had a worrisome finger-knitting addiction. It is quite mindless, but very relaxing. Something to do to keep me from being antsy.

It turns out that I am more obsessed with it than that one time I played Angry Birds for two weeks straight before angrily deleting it from my phone after the STUPID BOOMERANG TOUCAN RUINED MY LIFE ahhhh maahhh GAHHH. Shudder.

I’m an all-or-nothing person. So. I have about a bajillion of these necklaces. They are nothing fancy, but kind of fun.

I found out they squish down into nothing and I can probably send them in a regular envelope. If I keep up producing at the rate I am going, I will have 100 by mid-next week. UM. Yes.

Want one? I will gladly send it. Everyone is a winner. Email me your name and mailing address to Megagoodblog@gmail.com. If we talk on twitter, then you get to request a color. If you are a lady with a young baby, I assure you that these things take a beating. B has tested them. If you are a man? Start a trend. These things are the new tie.

Then leave me a comment telling me something you actually LIKE about winter so we can cheer each other up.



36 responses to “Everyone Wins

  1. Those are cool necklaces and you are so gorgeous! I’m so jealous. I need to get out of my pjs more often.

  2. I’m from Texas so I actually like winter cause it’s the only time I get to wear all of my scarves!!

  3. I love how pretty fresh snow looks when it’s early in the morning and nobody has walked around in it yet. And I love how it makes me appreciate the miracle of spring that much more!

  4. Very cute!! Love the colors. 🙂

  5. I just stumbled upon your blog because Gussy said she wants to be your BFF! I love your attitude!! You take great pics … I particularly love the one of the baby going SLAP SLAP SLAP to your handmade babyfood and the last one of the whole lot of fingerknitted necklaces.

  6. So, I haven’t had the chance to try finger-knitting yet…I’m obviously missing out! Putting that on my list for this week. 🙂

    I like winter because I live in Florida, and we don’t really have a true winter. I’m sorry, but it’s a fact!

    Emailing you my address now…thanks bunches!!

  7. Totally loving your blog! I want to do the finger-knitting thing, but I should probably get some yarn first. Sorry winter sucks for you right now. I’m ready to evict cold weather as soon as Christmas is done.

  8. I love them! Will I be seeing you on Friday? Bring me one! Or maybe an Ivy-sized one? 🙂

    Also, you come to town here and I will take you to the best knitting shop ever.


  9. I love the “cozy” factor of winter. There’s no pressure to get out and “do-do-do” and instead, it’s expected that one stays home, drinks hot cocoa and eats yummy snacks while curled up and warm. Not necessarily great on the waistline, but wonderful for stress levels!

    It’ll be over soon!

    -Paige Turner

  10. winter allows for endless amounts of hot cocoa w/ mini marshmallows and delicious flavored teas & coffee treats.

    and snuggling.

  11. You are awesome!

  12. Oh please please please slip Steph a yellow one for me when you see her!

  13. aw theyre adorable! love the chunky purple one!
    i kinda like winter, from a distance! the snow i s pretty and being snowed in lets me do some sewing. but im not big one the whole cold factor!

  14. I like wearing my cute purple wool coat. And I like fires in the fireplace. And that is all and that affection wears off after about two weeks.

  15. Snow is pretty cool. At least from inside the house.

    Sorry, that’s all I got.

  16. Something good about winter. Good? About winter? That is tough (grumble grumble grumble). Ummm. Well, freshly fallen snow looks quite pretty in the trees, and covers the dead brown grass nicely. And it gives you an excuse to stay in and snuggle under blankets. And babies in sleepers? The ones with little animals on the feet? Are a-dor-able.

    There. I did it.

  17. Ugh. Winter. I guess there are a few slightly good things about this time of year. Perhaps. For starters, it’s like a free-for-all when it comes to food because, you have to have some extra pudge to stay warm, right? (Right?!) That’s what I’m telling myself anyway. I also love the color palettes of winter. Blues, light greens, purples, and grays are so very much my colors. I’m still rooting for spring, though.

    Love the necklaces. So super cool.

  18. Those are cool! I want one.

    Um, winter. Yeah. I think the city looks pretty when it snows, and coffee tastes better when it’s crappy outside. Normally I’d say football too, but whatever. That’s all I got.

  19. I work at a girlscout camp, one week we taught my group to finger knit and the next thing I knew they were finger knitting at dinner, at campfire, carying armfuls of finger knitting chain around slowing us down for fear of their work falling on the ground and getting dirty. I had 13 girls sitting on the steps at waterfront during free swim in 90 degree weather finger knitting because they couldn’t be bothered to get in the water. In short, I totally understand. If I hadn’t had 13 girls to keep track of I would have been lugging around my own finger knitting as well.

  20. Oooh! Oooh! YELLOW! I want yellow. So I can totally pretend it’s gold. And that I’m a gangsta.

  21. Oooh! Oooh! YELLOW! I want yellow. So I can totally pretend it’s gold. And that I’m a gangsta.

  22. I love January because my October, November, and December are usually insane with jewelry making, so it’s a nice break for me. And it’s frakking cold so I have a good excuse to hole up in my house and work on fun projects or just wrap up in a blanket and watch Law & Order SVU marathons. 🙂

  23. I actually like winter. I think it’s the excuse to stay inside and eat fattening foods and drink hot beverages. And I think snow is pretty.

  24. Number one thing I love about winter: Soup! That might sound weird. I’m a soup-lover, but I can’t stand it when it’s warm out. So I use the winter as an excuse to make delicious homemade soups that warm you from the inside out. Also? Totally freezable, easy-to-reheat meals. Perfect! Loving the necklaces, by the way. If you need to unload one, I’d be a willing recipient 😉

  25. I actually like snow. Not getting around in it and not the icky piles of gross it leaves behind, but when’s it’s actually snowing or freshly fallen snow is so darn pretty I have a hard time hating it.
    Today it’s 6 degrees outside – I do not like 6 degrees.

  26. I love winter! But thats because I don’t have a real winter since I live in dumb Florida 😦 Winter clothes are so much cuter!

  27. Something good about winter? Being comfy in under your blankets with a good book and hot cocoa. Too bad I have to wake up early 😦 Bummer

  28. How ’bout sitting and warming yourself by the fire? And really fluffy socks and hot cocoa with marshmallows and scarves… those are all good right?

    Love your necklaces! About to send my email… 🙂

  29. Also a freak and like winter because….

    a) I live in Northern Canada and don’t have a choice (you just sound like a douche if you complain and live here willingly);
    b) I like to snowshoe and ski;
    c) It’s usually sunny even when we have shit tons ‘o’ snow, it makes it tolerable;
    d) I love sweaters and scarves, winter means I work through the full rotation; and
    e) I love it when my dogs get snow beards from tunneling in the snow.

    Small things. 🙂 Hope you get some sun to drive away your winter blahs. ❤

  30. Wait, grown-ups fingerknit? I taught my 6 year old because I wanted her to make some suitcase identifiers for me like I did for my mom at that age, but it never occurred to me to fingerknit myself.

    Let me know if you ever want a lesson in big girl knitting. With NEEDLES.

  31. I looove to snowboard!
    I also enjoy having a less busy schedule in the months of January and February, I feel like I can actually rest instead of the crazy busy summer and fall months.


    I love the color purple! 🙂

    As for winter… um… the snow *is* kinda pretty if I’m inside in my slippers and sweatpants. I guess.

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    I heart them all ❤ Espesh the fat chunky blue one.
    Or a fat chunky one in all colors.

    How genius of you to have an everyone wins giveaway.

    Now if I can learn to finger-
    knit I promise to do the same on my blog and pay it forward 😉


  35. But of course I was so taken away with necklaces I forgot to list my favorite winter thing:


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