First World Problems

Hi, friends. I have this lovely post I was going to write about mornings. I was going to talk about how much I am enjoying the early light with my sweet baby. And coffee and playtime and sunlight reflecting around the room.


We have not had hot water since Saturday morning. Not just us. The whole stupid building. Well, it came back sort-of-kid-of briefly for me to have a lukewarm shower before going out to dinner on Saturday. Yay.

I haven’t showered since then, because the stupid water is still broken. We are washing our clothes, dishes and selves in cold water. Benton gets a bath warmed up with boiling water from the kettle. But I couldn’t keep up tonight and he was cold and crying and Justin was still at work because he is busy and I think the cat has diabetes or cancer and there is a blizzard of historic proportions on its way and my head itches because I need to wash it and the landline jerkface phone just rang and woke up the baby ahhh hhh gah aslkdfjasldkfja!!!!!

I know, I should he happy to have running water and heat and all that.



Send wine.

Now that I got that out of my system, I will attempt the nice post.


4 responses to “First World Problems

  1. When do you move again?

    Ugh, I would teleport much wine and hot water to you this second if I could.

  2. Sending warm water thoughts – and healthy cat thoughts. Hoping your week gets better….and that you can move out of that apartment soon!

  3. I know you’re moving…but. Someone told me once that if these problems are recurring your landlord could/should discount your rent appropriately. You are paying for these services. Basic services. First world or not. You could check into it — depending on the severity/duration of the problem. And if that doesn’t work – boil some water, drink some wine! {hugs}

  4. I’m sorry you’ve been without hot water for so long! If I could somehow send you hot water, or teleport you guys to my house so you and B could USE my hot water, I would do it in a heartbeat.

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