The Good

Isn’t that cute? The sun was trying to come out even though it is January. Sweet thing.

You are so nice, Mr. Sun. You must have heard me singing that song over and over again. Please shine down on me?

Even if it is bound to end up a typical winter gray day, we usually get at least 20 minutes of sun in the morning before it disappears.

I am at my happiest in these early morning minutes. Especially if I have remembered to set the coffee pot the night before.

This is not topped with whipped cream for a prettier picture. This is my everyday ritual (problem).

Before having Benton, I wrote a lot about appreciating my life as it was. Even in the heat of baby fever, I wanted to sit back and look at how good I had things– even without that baby I longed for. Photography and writing helped remind me of how amazing the Now was. It kept my eyes open and mind clear. Gratitude comes easier when I am living consciously like this.

So now that I have this sweet baby in my life, I want to sit back and enjoy my Now with him. Yes, I want more kids. And a house. And, and, and…

But honestly? I am so grateful for what we have now. Being a mom of just one is blissful. I don’t have to split my attention just yet. He has all of me. I can lay around with him and not worry that another little is eating cat food in the other room. I can plop him in his high chair while I get breakfast for myself, and easily entertain him with a song or a simple game of peek-a-boo from under the countertop. He is at a really adorable age, and he is lucky I don’t eat him for breakfast.

Although I don’t claim to know what I am doing all the time, I do feel like I’ve got this under control for the time being. Not sure how long this phase will last. But it’s nice. I want to sit in the middle of it and look around for a while.

Sidenote: See that kitty? Something isn’t right with her. Please send healthy thoughts to Porpus. She is my first baby. I am worried.


10 responses to “The Good

  1. ^_^ Ah, the simple things can always ground us after a crazy day full of stress and frustration. I like to think that’s part of what “seeing God in his creation” is all about.

  2. Sweet post. Sweet lady and baby. And gentle P, he will be ok. 🙂

  3. I’m sorry about Porpus. I feel the same way about my “first babies.”

    Wishing you (us) lots more sunshine this winter. We need it.

  4. It’s true. We are all lucky men 😉

  5. good thoughts for porpus, megan. i’m sorry for whatever he is going through 😦

    and i remember those days with emma … 6’ish months is my BLISS. things are already getting much easier around here (or i’m just getting good at two?) and life is good. so good.

  6. He’s your baby and you’re his mama. You will ALWAYS have this down. No one could be better at it than you.

    Sending love to Porpus. I could never not love a cat face… especially one names Porpus.

  7. Sending you healthy thoughts to Porpus. I totally get it. While I was in the hospital having Attia (best time ever!) – Yoshi was soooo sick. He had a serious case of seperation anxiety, because I left the house at 3:30am in excuciating pain and he hadn’t seen me for days. Explosive bowels. Every day. For days. It made me cry. Nevermind the joy of having a baby, I was worried about that sweet little dog. Totally get it.

    But I love that you’re focusing on the good. B is a beautiful boy. Yeah, I said it, he’s beautiful. And he’s lucky to have you for his mama. Keep the good coming, you’re a great photographer and you have pretty things (I dig that blanket).

  8. seriously, this phase of only having one babe is amazing. I’m clinging tight since i’m cooking a little teeny babe in the oven right now. In 7 months my daughter will no longer have my undivided attention and it will get even more difficult. But for now, I will eat her up for breakfast every morning and adore her perfection.

  9. I’m so sorry about Porpus. Jack the cat is my first baby and getting up there in age, so my heart understands your plight. And you have really taught me so much about life, Megan. This post is no different. I need to be reminded to revel in the beauty of now, to love and enjoy the moment I’m in. Thank you for this, lovely lady. And we waited so long between babes for the exact reasons you stated in this post: undivided attention and love, all for Henry. It was a wonderful four and a half years.

  10. B looks so big in that last picture! I hope your cat gets better. And thanks for the reminder about gratitude.

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