Snowed-In Snow Den

The end is nigh

That is the only door. So, no. It didn't open. Used the garage to go in and out.

As you can see, we were snowed-in yesterday. It was not the best day, but I have already gotten my complaining out via Twitter. Sometimes, a good rant about no heat, no hot water, sickness, drum sets, and headaches is therapeutic. Thanks for listening, internets.

Puffy snow hearts.


Poor, sick little Benton. I am not sure if he was truly sick or teething. But there was a fever, cough and whimpering for a couple of days. This morning? Snot. But he is on the mend.

B sits around and yells DADA dah dah da da da Da Da.

All day.

This is obviously rude. He may be confused. Ma Ma is clearly what he is thinking.

B was happy his da da dah was in sight all of yesterday in the snow den. But let it be known that he is a major snowed-in party pooper. Because work-from-home, truly means WORK-from-home. Crazy person.

Hope you are warm and snuggly in your part of the world.


6 responses to “Snowed-In Snow Den

  1. Every time I see a picture I think I am so glad I don’t live there. I just don’t do cold well. We are on our third day of no school due to icy conditions. No snow since Tuesday, but so cold that nothing has melted. Until today I was doing a good job limiting media and such for the kids. But I give up and am letting them run (relatively) amok today. That B is too cute, even when under the weather (no pun intended).

  2. And I thought we got a lot of snow here … WOW!! Stay safe …and warm!! Great pics, btw!!

  3. Oh my goodness, I would probably pass out at the sight of that much snow. Seriously.

    Oh and we are “snowed” in too. (NOT). School canceled b/c they THINK it MAY sleet. #HoldMe

  4. Where are my videos?

  5. Cute B. How is the meow?

  6. how is the kitty? and i didn’t know that people actually worked from home on snow days. i was under the impression that a work-from-home day meant pj’s, a “roseanne” marathon, and hot chocolate….i’m a bad employee. good thing i work for a four-year-old and his six-week-old assistant.

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