There is now a baby who lives with us who is closer to his first birthday than he is to his birth. He just finished his seventh month of life, and is blasting through the eighth month already.

One day, he woke up and started to look more like a toddler than a newborn.

That's right. I am going to peer into your soul. Cause I know stuff. I am big now.

See that kitty back there? I am TOTALLY OBSESSED. Kitty. Kitty. KITTY. KITTEH. Let me go see her?

Oh, yes. I love her. I wish I was mobile and could be with her always. I am working on the mobile thing, but right now, Mama is still in control.


Hey, Ma. Are you watching? Ima gunna share this bra pad that I like to play with. Because I love kitty that much.


Sigh. He is working on crawling. How is this happening? How?

I smelled his head yesterday, and it has completely lost that newborn scent.


12 responses to “Closer

  1. Baahhh! When can I see him, please?

  2. Boy. He’s very big. And beautiful! CAT!

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  4. Our LO is three weeks old tomorrow. My husband can’t wait for her to get bigger so that they can do more together. But we decided we are only going to have one and I am savoring every moment. I already feel like its going too fast.

  5. They do grow way too fast! Such a handsome little guy!!

  6. Aaaah! Toddlerface! When did he get to be so big? Babies are sneaky. (Also adorable. My favorites are the closeup and the laying-on-the-floor. He has the best eye color!)

  7. I kept staring at that thing in his hand and thinking, “Is that a bra pad?!” Ha!

    It’s so amazing when you get that first glimpse into toddlerhood. A bit sad, but wonderful.

  8. I want to kiss his little lips in the second picture.

  9. I heart it all.

  10. Sneaky Benton, growing up in his sleep. He is an adorable toddler-baby! Even if he is about to start crawling on you.

  11. oh man, when they lose the bebeh smell….hurts so deep.

    he is handsome, and getting all GROWN and stuff. crazy fast.

  12. I am flipping out over your curtains/bedspread/rug.

    And that sweet baby.

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