Creepy Hollow

I went to the beach again. Even though it was warmer outside, it felt colder because there was no sun and a lot of wind. The light was super creepy and the park was nearly deserted.

When I started editing my photos from the day, I noticed the creep factor was high, and everything was very centered in the frame. I don’t usually take photos with this composition in mind, but found that it really fit the weirdness of the beach today.

Then some kind of art-school-ish inspiration came over me, and I started reflecting the photos over and over.

I like.

(click each image for full size)


15 responses to “Creepy Hollow

  1. I really like this, great photos. Even if creepy, so capturing, so intriguing. Symmetry is my friend. Love!

  2. doooood.
    creepy is right.
    but very VERY cool.

  3. Seriously creepy.

    Seriously cool.

    You should frame these.

  4. oooh i love it. the benches one has the supreme creepy factor.

  5. Amazing photos!

  6. empty benches = peed my pants. where did all the people go?? super creepy.

  7. I like, too! Super creepy and cool!

  8. Oh wow! I love this. I am in my phone but mental bookmark to revisit on full-size screen.

    Very cool. Very freaky. Well done, lady!

  9. wow. these are beautiful. esp love the 3rd one down

  10. Nice photos. I love your creativity.

  11. Ooh! Beautiful! Creepy, of course, and surreal with the reflection, but beautiful. Well done!

  12. love the creep factor for sure 🙂

  13. That last one is really cool. And the first one is neat with the heart shape in the water. Awesome.

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