Look at my new house.*

Click for a tour of mah house.*

*KIDDING. Totally kidding.

So here’s the deal. The short story is that we were 99% sure that we were going to leave the city and move to Chesterton, IN next month. Our plan was to live in an apt for 6-12 months while house hunting/building. The schools are good, we could afford a 3-4 bedroom house, it is near the lake, and I know good peoples there. There would be a yard in the near future. A YARD!

Sounds perfect, eh?


The catch is this this: It would be 1.5 hours into the city, and 1.5 hours out of the city on the train for Justin. Every day. This means he would likely not see B much at all on the weekdays. We had a long talk last Friday night, and I was feeling kind of blindsided and heartbroken. I just had a “sure” idea in my head of where we were going. And a house was in sight. But honestly, I understand why he is weary of the daunting commute. I don’t blame him.

However, I consider myself a fairly adaptable person. I just need a day or so to let new plans sink in.

We woke up on Saturday morning on a mission. We would find a place in the city that worked for all three of us. We will rent for a few more years, until we can afford a decent place in a nearby burb. The goal is to get into a house by the time Benton goes to school. Justin is just starting out his career, and things are going really well for him. So. I am not heartbroken anymore. The house idea is not off the table, it is just pushed back a ways.

By Sunday afternoon, we had toured several different kinds of apartments. My lists of demands were all checked off in the final townhome that we saw. It is located in a residential nook with no thru traffic in the South Loop. 9 minute commute for Justin. And easy public transportation to anywhere in the city from the loop location. Two parks in the nook for me and B. And a walk to Grant Park/lake/museums and aquarium. I can meet my friends who work in the Loop in the park for lunch. The place has a new full-size washer and dryer, a place for cat litter and get this: ATTACHED GARAGE. Life changing for sure.

For you map creepers out there. Here is the new hood. Did I mention I am a couple blocks from Target and Whole Foods? BRAGGING!

I know that maybe three people are still reading this post.

Anyway, I am excited now. Early spring and the move will coincide. I’m looking forward to nesting in a new place. I want to walk outside. Take B to the swings. Meet the other mama’s in the new hood. Go to the gardens in the park. Sit in the sun. THE SUN.



25 responses to “Ch-Ch-Changes

  1. Woohoo, the new place sounds awesome! Glad everything is working out. 🙂

  2. That looks so LOVELY! Is this a done deal now? Can we celebrate?
    I love our apartment and our landlord, but I hate my neighborhood and I really hate my commute.

    I want to go to there

  3. Congrats! I hope you love your new digs!

  4. 1.5 hours IS daunting – I don’t blame him for not wanting to do that. It sounds like the new place is in a great spot though – Target! Parks! Sunshine! Not as much noise! Yay to finding a great compromise place!

  5. Sounds so great – and a few blocks from Target? I’m a little jealous. 🙂

  6. Three hours on a train every day could be soul sucking.
    As the working parent, I know I love my 35 minute commute to Oak Park (and I think my spouse likes having me home before 6, too).

  7. I am so happy for you, I know you have been dying to move! The house will come one day, before you know it.

  8. Happy you are happy, and happy that Justin will not be driving 3 hours every day. 🙂 Good good things. 🙂

  9. yes! awesome. and totally making sure we can meet when we take our road trip back to the Midwest in May/June since you will be near so many fun Chicago places (esp for kiddos). see you then.

  10. That is awesome! Do you have a place for Olivia and I to curl up when we come visit you? 😉

  11. I totally get the commute thing, my husband does it. From this area to the loop. It sucks.

    you are landing in a fabulous area and (slightly jealous I never got that chance to live in the city)
    So instead I will live it Via you.


  12. WHATEVER. Really, though, I totally get it. With Mark going to the ‘burbs every day, I get it, and I don’t blame Justin (or you) for the dread at all. I’m beyond excited that you found such a great place, so close. I’m coming over.

  13. That is seriously thrilling. So happy for you and the fam. And that close to two of my favorite retail establishments ever? You SO win. I know all about plans evolving and changing; I’m actually writing a post about our changed plans right now. It sounds like you guys made out like a bandit with the new place, and owning a single-family dwelling can totally wait. I don’t know, I would LOVE to live in your new ‘hood. One more reason your life is so rad, and I’m totally jealous; but in a good way! Congrats, friend.

  14. Ever since I saw your tweet I have been squeeing for you. Positively SQUEEING. This is exciting news. I’ve been reading up on happiness and whatnot lately (trying to make it my hobby) and the number one thing that tends to make people miserable is a commute. Commutes tend to make people suicidal and they need to make an extra $30,000 dollars or so just to make the commute worth it. Even then, some people are just miserable with it.

    I looked into commutes pretty heavily when Anthony was having no luck on the job front. California has been hit hard by the recession and our area is especially dire. I didn’t want to move away from friends and family, and he didn’t want a commute. Thank god he found a local job. We got a taste of the commuter’s life the first few months of this job when he did training in the Bay Area. It was awful and we only persevered because we knew it was temporary.

    This may be one of those things that works out better than you planned for, you never know.

  15. how cool is your new hood!! congrats to you & your family

  16. I totally get it. The benefit to the jobs that Shane and I have is that although we’ll never make enough to swing one income, we do fortunately work hours where we’re both home by 4. It’d be really hard to be away so much on the weekdays.
    I can’t wait to come visit!

  17. Now’s the time to do it. Sounds like it will be a great experience. And yes, have fun nesting!!! 🙂

  18. You have once again demonstrated one of your most valuable assets, Megan: Resilience! Not to minimize the short-term heartbreak over the death of your dream place. Then you were rewarded — the result of your heart to heart with Justin. So happy for all three of you. Time for another skype meet! -Dad in Oz

  19. Thou art wise for such tender years you are.

  20. Like you, I need a hot minute to wrap my mind around a change in plans. I am glad that something equally lovely, if not more so, has presented itself.

    Also, HELLO! TARGET!

  21. Yea! That sounds amazing!! I’m happy for you guys. And yes in time you will have your dream home! 😉

  22. I am so excited for you- we love visiting that area in the spring/summer/fall… will totally be awesome for playdates indiana or not! 🙂


  23. I am jealous of your kinda-best-of-both-worlds city digs. so much to do, so close! Nice. A 3 hour commute would be awful, for sure. Although every once in a while I wish my commute was longer, just so I could have some down time…

  24. Awesome! Looks like you found a great location! My aunt and uncle live up in Ingleside 🙂 I love going to visit!

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