Social Butterflies

As I am naming this post, I’m picturing actual butterflies in flight. They are very lightweight and flit-flit-float, aren’t they? So maybe I should call this social dung beetles or something. Because going on a million outings with baby-in-tow is less flit and more rolling crap uphill.

NOT to say it wasn’t fun though.

It was.

This week we left the house to meet other humans and tiny humans four out of the seven days. That means I talked to other people in real life for 57% of my time rather than the normal 0-10%. Huge pat on my back from my own hand. High-fiving myself!

The thing about motherhood during the baby stage (and other stages??), is that it can be quite lonely sometimes, despite never actually being alone. However, Benton has decided to begin his rapid stage of development and becomes more fun/tiring/exciting/giggly with every day. He is increasingly interesting to observe and hang out with, because he is trying all kinds of weird things. Standing for one. He is so stinking proud. And I think I only have a few days left before he is fully mobile. Life will be different to say the least.

Here are some shots from our fun week. A mix of iPhone and real camera, since I can only seem to remember it about half the time we go out. And it is one more thing to carry around.

I am kicking myself for not bringing the camera to this meeting. Newly mobile twins Peter and Sarah had fun leaving B in the dust. And their mom is one of those people I miss from my old office. Fun was had.

Benton and Sophie hanging out at the Garfield Park Conservatory. I learned how to birth with her mama. In burfing class. Sophie promptly removed B's sock after this photo was taken.

Deep breaths in the fern room.

My friend Erica and her boys also met us there. I love them a million. The fern room makes little boy's curly hair even more outstanding.

The next day, I took B on the Metra for the first time. He agreed that it is way more fancy than the CTA and he approved. Although you can't tell that by this photo.

We went to the French Market at Ogilvie. Love it there.

We met up with Elise and her mama, Kate from Big City Belly. Yogurt melts were shared and storytime was had. The adult humans had decadent lunches.

This morning, we tried our hand at going out to brunch with the ladies. As you can see he likes to reel them in and then reject them at unexpected moments.

Sippy. Sippy.

Oh. My.

It was a good week. More photos here.


8 responses to “Social Butterflies

  1. I struggle with the going-out-with-baby business, too. I know moms who leave the house once a day (sometimes twice!) and I’m like, huh? Maybe summer will be better. I hope.

    Also, I will always leave the house for dessert from French Market. So worth it.

  2. jealous, but happy for you! and i truly deeply mean both of those things. ha.

  3. i can still smell the palm room. the dirt. ah, wet dirt. thank you for inviting us. thank you for friending us, too. it’s hard being a mom and figuring it all out. and i have apparently been doing it for a bit over three years. the schlep to go someone isn’t easy; winter makes it worse. but it’s worth it. so, so worth it. we got out with you guys, with another friend tonight and to my parents on Friday. we did good as well. schleppy, schlep schlep to the happy place of talking to friends while interrupting yourself 800 times to tell your kid something about behaving or mannering or stopping or doing or not doing or looking or whatever it is we do all day.

    🙂 E

  4. Yay mobile M & B! Which isn’t to say us non-human socialites didn’t miss you. Winter is tough, specially in colder climates. Getting out definitely helps. Like B’s babymeat in the last shot!

  5. Motherhood can be lonely. It sure looks like you’re pretty good at socializing, though. Definitely better than me. 🙂 BTW, that conservatory looks amazing!

  6. looks fun. i wish i had more local mom friends. well, ANY local mom friends, really.

  7. I wish I had local mom friends that were nice and friendly and not competitive. But I don’t. So I’m lonely and take my kids to do things, by my lonesome. I can’t wait to get out of here.

  8. Yay! Real people! And OUTINGS!

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