When I got pregnant with Benton, I was the only one of my friends in Chicago that was going to be a mom. Since that moment when I saw the two pink lines, I have sought out and welcomed new mom friends into my life, while trying not to completely lame-out on my friends without kids. I hope I’m not failing them.

Last week, my friend Michelle had a baby. In the city. This means I have a new mom friend in Chicago. This is a huge deal to me. And I am sure having a baby was kind of a big deal to her. Just guessing.

On Sunday I got to meet him. Even though he is the same size as B was when I brought him home from the hospital just 8 months ago, he seemed impossibly tiny. He was a breach baby for most of his baking time, so he was extra frogged-up in the leg area. A ball. I wanted to tuck him under my arm like a football and run home. He was perfection.

I taught his mama to wear him in the Moby wrap, and I hope she enjoys having him close to her heart while she gets things done around the house or walks her high-energy canines around the neighborhood. Or just sits on the couch with him. Because there is a lot of that in the first 3 months.

B was being a little pistol, and has recently developed stranger anxiety. The poor dear was extra clingy and nutso, so I had trouble taking proper pictures of the baby. Low light and wild child  B made for some blurry captures, but I think they still ooze sweetness.

Can you see the blurry madness that ensued? Yes.

Oh mylanta. The difference a few months makes. I love seeing Benton grow and change into a little person. But I will admit to you all. I miss the squishy lumpus newborn.


16 responses to “Newb

  1. WHOA. B looks so big!

  2. I see DIMPLES!

    And B does look enormous.

  3. Did it make you broody? I can’t even see a bubba under 6 mo now without my ovaries performing somersaults!

  4. It’s insane the difference between newborn and three months! I can’t believe Ezra is already two-and-a-half months old; his froggy legs are straightening out, his face becoming round and babymeat-y. And B? Possibly the cutest baby toddler ever.

  5. SQUEAL! I’m not a fan of newborn babies but seeing this does make me excited to birth my new one in 6 months. Yippee!!! So cute.

  6. cannot wait for my own little squishy.
    also, oh mylanta used to be one of my *favorite* phrases. another reason to like you.

  7. Ohhh the open-mouth sleeping photo! And how GIANT Benton is next to the newb! I am with you, I am enjoying every stage but I do miss the lumpus-newborn.

  8. That first one… So precious. And really? Who gave Benton permission to get so big?

  9. Woah….who is that TODDLER? I thought you said Benton was in the photos?


  10. Ahhh I’m getting one of those in like 3.5 weeks! Squee! Also, Benton needs to slow down the growing. He looks like such a little kid in the last pic!

  11. Oh my squishiness. I’m kind of jealous.

  12. Oh my goodness, what a cutie pie. YAY for new babies! And Benton is adorable.

    (So nice meeting you on twitter!)

  13. Oh my. So tiny. So new.

    B looks HUGE!

  14. Oh my, he IS so cute and perfect. I feel so lucky that I got to hold Benton when he was that small and squishy.

  15. “I wanted to tuck him under my arm like a football and run home”

    boom. favorite.

    and your baby is a man-baby next to that dumplin.

  16. Oh, that’s the best!


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