I have a mom confession that may cause you to slap your computer. Benton isn’t a crier. He can literally go for days without crying. It is kind of weird. I mean he will cry if he is trying to crawl and does a nose dive into the floor, or gets a shot, or something like that. But otherwise he is not a fussy kid.

I KNOW. We’ve been lucky. Please don’t hit me. However, in the last week, things have changed a bit.

Enter: stranger anxiety. The first time I witnessed anything that might be classified as stranger anxiety was months ago with the pediatrician. He doesn’t like her at all. Waaaaailed when she entered the exam room. I happen to agree with him. Good instincts, little Benton.

The second time was at the cobbler. I go to the cobbler a lot because Justin and I are super rough on shoes. This dude is a super duper crusty old man and B DOES NOT LIKE him. He cried when the man waved and said hello to him. I actually thought it was kind of funny, since he hadn’t had this reaction to anyone else.

Then this weekend, stranger anxiety started in earnest. He seems to be OK after maybe 10 minutes with the new people/surroundings, but at first he will likely wail. Big sad cries. This is out of character for the little man, but I guess it is the phase we are in. I wonder how long it will last…?

Enter: teething. Three razor-sharp objects are pummeling my B’s gums. Teeth are dumb. Except they are necessary to chew food and such, so I guess I will allow it.

His first two teeth came in one-at-a-time without incident, so this is the first taste I have had of a sad teething baby. It is…sad. The last few days have been full of more whimpering and crying than I am used to, and he has definitely been a high-needs baby. I feel so bad for him, but I feel good that I have been able to comfort him. This also means I haven’t been able to put him down hardly at all. He is needy and attached to me.

Today we seem to be coming out of the worst of it, but geeeeez. I tip my hats to you parents who have high-needs babies all the time. Exhausting at best. You must be superheros or something.

P.S. Benton James is now an EIGHT-MONTH-OLD. This hardly seems possible. I don’t have a photo shoot from the day he turned 8 months because of the teething, but here are some recent pictures from his first swing outing at the park.



He was staring down another baby that was five swings away, minding her own business. SHARING IS CARING, B. I cannot comment on the disaster that is his outfit.

Is that a smile? Maybe?

Caught it!







12 responses to “Wah

  1. He is so cute. I say that every time, sorry. I do hope y’all are coming out of the fussy spell. I am sure it would be especially challenging when it is such a change from his normal disposition. Our Benjamin is pretty happy too, thankfully. Even this week with the RSV he has not been as miserable as you might expect. Oh, but he does hate having his nose wiped, which is unfortunate since he is pretty much a snot faucet. It is bad news.


    And yes, the stranger anxiety happened around then for us too. Wesley has always been suspicious of people he doesn’t know, but he typically warms up after a few minutes. But man, around 8 or 9 months he just HATED anyone new and clung to me like a crazy baby.

    Now I want to put Wesley in some swings!

  3. the baby stare-down still cracks me up. serious old man baby is serious.

    and i’m sorry for the sad baby episodes. i hope he is feeling better soon.

  4. The same thing is going on with my little man. He was never a crier and now ALL OF A SUDDEN (since he has turned 7m), he gets mad at every thing. He has already started to throw temper tantrums and I’m like whoa…where did this baby come from. It’s crazy!!!

  5. Ezra and Iris aren’t criers either, but the good about when they *do* cry is that I know they mean business.

    Also? I totally sleep in outfits like Benton is sporting at the park. Pants tucked into socks is the ONLY way to not have my pants ride up on me in the sheets.

  6. my favorite part about this post are the pants tucked into the socks. hi.larious.

  7. Oh my. We must baby chat soon and more often. 🙂

  8. I hate you a teeny bit, but I feel better now that hes starting to cry. Jessi has MAJOR anxiety toward anything unfamiliar and cries at anything. Can you say GIRL? Maybe B is just a super tough little man dude.

    Way to go on 8 months! Such a cutie!!

  9. Yeah, Henry never cried either. Like, ever. Not when he was born (I heard faint whimpering and that was it), and not even when the evil that is teething showed up. He had a bit of the stranger anxiety, but it passed. All in all, my Henry was a dream baby.

    Then, I had Ezra….

  10. Your child is a precious doll. Ohmygoodness.
    Ah, yes… stranger anxiety… It’s the worst. But don’t you think that the anxiety they communicate is sometimes uber-warranted? I remember my first baby girl, Lila, hated someone in particular and she was DEAD on. That person was a jerk.

    I think it’s AWESOME that you don’t have a crier. GO WITH IT. My 20-month-old likes for us to be aware of EVERY emotion she has. Extreme delight, anger, etc. And when she teethes? Oh dear Lord, it’s insane.

    Now, my nearly 7-week-old? She only cries like 3 x a day. I’m hoping it stays like that.

  11. Isobel very ever rarely cried until she reached, I don’t know, a year and a half? Then she would cry when she’d want her way and not get it. At first it freaked me out: a kid who never, ever cried is now crying once a day. Maybe more. It threw my parenting for a loop until I realized it for what it was–a tantrum. So, yeah, you have that to look forward to! 🙂

  12. I am way behind on blog reading, but I hope he’s a little less high needs. It’s really, really hard and those two words are very much why Tommy will likely be the youngest forever!

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