Everyone has a way of zoning out. I assume.

Do you have an activity or ritual that you are familiar enough with, that it takes little to no effort to do? It eases the active mind into a comfortable resting stupor while still being somewhat awake. Tonight, I zoned out to the point of drooling. I am locked in a non-blinking comfortable stare with my old friend Photoshop.

My starting point was photo of a sewer drain and I let my mind unravel from there.

I took this on a walk yesterday as I giggled about art school to myself.

Translation 1: Sewer Mandala!

Translation 2: Street Lamp Sewer Sparkle Best Time Fun Good

Translation 3: Sewer Rock Candy Iceberg


2 responses to “Zone

  1. Megan, you NEED to do something with these, like enter them in some contests or submit then to a photographic arts magazine. Or go to art school and become a ri-donk-ulously famous artist that makes gobs of moolah and lives the fancy art life. Because you, my dear? Are seriously talented. Your Photoshop fun times are creating some crazy good art.

  2. That stuff is rocking my world and my desktop wallpaper.

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