What's this?

Hmm. Seems to be a baby child on the beach in March.

Yes. He has been here before, but this it his first sit in the sand.

The first time he has really touched it.

Interesting stuff. It can't really be gotten. And flows through tiny fingers.

I feel so lucky to witness these firsts. To spend the day with my buddy. To be part of his life as he takes in more and more of this world. My friend's mother who said 'the first six months he is yours. And after that? Your job is to introduce him to the world' was so right. Spring is such a fitting season for this age. One day there is nothing to see, and the next the buds are bursting. New. Wow! Look! This! That! Go! BOOM.




14 responses to “BOOM

  1. awww, i’m totally crying down here. this is SO sweet, megan.

  2. I love this. I’m extra sensitive; Vi’s six month mark is just around the corner.

  3. This (not beach) was Sebastián today. Trying to nurse him while older cousins were SHRIEKING outside. He knew. Something was up. 🙂

  4. Megan,
    An absolute delight. What a wonderful thing you are creating for Benton, you and Justin, heck, all of us. Hope you do this for all your children. See you in September.

  5. Oh, ’tis lovely. Athena has been begging for the beach for weeks now. I can’t wait to take the ladies.

    I thank my lucky stars EVERY day that I’m the one that is with these girls every day. I’m the one taking care of them. I’m the one showing them the world. Oh are we blessed.

  6. NOTHING beats baby in the sand. NOTHING.

  7. I remember the first time we took Isobel to the beach. She was way more interested in the sand than she was in the ocean, which worked out since the water around Santa Cruz is apparently contaminated and swimming is verboten. Not that it stopped legions of families from enjoying it.

    You two are going to have SO MUCH FUN this spring and summer. I’m giddy for you.

  8. We are loving this age of discovery.

    Lovely photos. When I saw these photos all I could imagine is a hand full of sand to the mouth. Did he sample the sand?

  9. I love, love, love what your friend’s mother told you. So true and so simply put. Introducing our kid to the world–what a wonderful joerb to have!

  10. adorable photos! 🙂 love the colors – and who doesn’t love a baby on the beach?

  11. What a special time with the little manbaby. Love it all. Beach, baby, bonding.

  12. I heart this. And you know what? It just keeps getting better and better and better…we went to the zoo this weekend. I’ve always enjoyed the zoo, but with her? It was magical again.

  13. I love that thing about after 6 months your job is to share your baby with the world. Love that. And it’s true this time of year- A just turned 6 months and we’ve been outside a few times and HOLY MOLY is her mind blown. ha I love watching her watch the world. I forgot how much fun this part is 🙂

  14. Awwww. That was beautiful!

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