Rapid Fire

Back when I was growing a human in my belly, I remember hitting a few points during the pregnancy where I felt like time stood still. I just knew like I was going to be exactly that pregnant until the end of time. Then I blinked and BAM. MywaterbrokeomgBABYHERE. Time clearly didn’t freeze like I had imagined.

Now, as a parent, I will get a similar notion. I’ll have a handle on the stage that Benton is going through. I’ve figured it all out! Everything falls into place and I know what I am doing. How easy is that? He will stay in this exact stage forever. And then BAM. He is a new boy within a few weeks.

He has been cruising furniture for about a month now. And he is fast. This afternoon, it occurred to me that I bought a ridiculous ugly walker thing for him awhile back. Maybe he can use it?

I hauled it out of the closet and introduced him to it in the living room. He inspected it, realized it rolled, and tried to pull up to standing. Since it moves VERY FAST, he kind of dragged behind it. I expected as much.

So, I assisted him by slowing its speed as he walked behind it. Carefully spotting the wobbly boy. We went back and forth across the room 3 times. He furrows his brow in concentration and sticks his tongue out slightly when he is trying something new, and I adore it. As I was giving him the walker tutorial, I planned our future weeks of mama/baby walker training with this new toy. Teaching is fun! He is like…a real little human or something. I figured it would take a while for him to fully grasp this ridiculous walker contraption.


He learned the ding dang thing in 10 minutes. The mind of a 10 month old is astounding. Everyone told me that babies were like sponges, but I am seeing this first hand on a daily basis.

Things are getting exciting.


9 responses to “Rapid Fire

  1. I just died from the cutedeath. Can I haz B? Peaz?

  2. It only gets better & better. 🙂

    …then the terrible twos hit.

    I kid! I kid!

  3. Oh my goodness…that’s so cute! I love his expression. I love the walking stage! 😉

  4. yes.

    (that’s all, just yes)

  5. Watch out. I predict he will be walking on his own in less than three weeks. Peter started with a toy like that, it was his favorite activity. Then one day he gave it up and just started walking on his own. Ridiculous. Enjoy every moment of it.

  6. Benton! You are so big and fast! Where did the time go?

  7. He is such a cutie! 🙂 I love this part of babyhood.

  8. Holy moly how proud is he of himself??? Look how quick his little legs move!! GAH! MOBILE BABIES.

  9. Grandpa Clair

    He’ll be riding a unicycle in no time!

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