Typity tap. I have nothing in mind, but I am typing. This is great news! Yet also terrible news for you readers.

Because, dribble.

And I don’t feel well, so can I lay next to you and drink sprite while you pat my hair? Thanks.

I’ve not been sick in a really long time. Right now, I am feeling increasingly sick as I type each word. I think I may have an ear infection, so I put some olive oil in my ear because that is what I learned to do from twitter. This is slightly better than medical advice from google. I also don’t really have a primary care physician because I just don’t right now.

Pre-motherhood, I wouldn’t have really mind a sick day (as long as vomit isn’t involved). I could take a PTO day and lay on the couch, watch terrible daytime television and nap. I could take care of myself properly and drink the recommended fluids without a tiny toddler arm plunging elbow-deep into my coffee table beverage. I could rest. REALLY rest. Needless to say, there are no sick days for me. I simply can’t get sick. CANNOT.

Hmmm, this is not the first post I wanted to right about SAHMdom upon my return to the blog because it sounds super whiney, and I’m generally a whine hater. But since this is already a downer, I would just like to bitch about having no PTO days in general. Can we form a union or something? Join a commune? I love taking care of this little person all day, every day. But seriously. Worker’s rights, yo.

This has nothing to do with what I just wrote, but how awesome are yards? We went to one today at our friend Erica's house in the burbs and it was lovely. Our commune would have a sweet yard. The well people would play and the sick people would rest indoors.



9 responses to “Whiiiiiine

  1. Oh, feeeeeeeel better! I’d get you sprite and pat your hair. xoxo

  2. I am sorry you feel worse and hope the olive oil makes things better. And yes to the commune. Especially now that Mr PJ up there will let me walk out of the room without having a mental collapse.

    The house next to us is for rent. Yard sharing is the first step to communing, right?!

    IT IS OK to lament SAHM-Dom now and then. It’s a long job. 🙂

  3. Lament all you want. Ear infections are the suck. I hear you on not having a physician right now. If you want more random ear infection advice, heat up some salt (spread a lot out in a casserole dish at about 300* for 15-20min), put in a thick wool sock (the thicker the better so salt stays in!), place over ear. If too warm, wrap in hand towel. Something about the dry heat feels great on a sore ear. Hope you feel better!

  4. Hope you feel better soon!

  5. I am 100% in favor of this commune, except i’m just a single working mom, do I count? I mean, I work and shit, but I’m still the lone ranger when sickness is afoot.


  6. Commune! I want this so bad.

  7. Ditto to the commune. And duh Biscuit, puh-lease, you’re totally in. Who else will make us super soft pretties for our long flowing tresses? Cause ya’ll know we don’t have time for hair cuts.

    But really? All I wanted to say…I’m glad you’re back. I missed you. And I would totally get you sprite, 7-Up or Ginger Ale and play with your hair. Best thing ever when you’re sick. ❤

  8. When I yearned for a baby, no one on this green earth told me how sucktastic it would be to try and feel sick + sad sack while also making sure said baby didn’t kill himself. So far, I am not a fan of juggling the two.

    I hope your ears feel better.

  9. Commune. Yes, yes, yes!

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