Doing Stuff

Awhile back, I wrote down everything Benton and I did for a day. If I recall, it was when he was still a floppy new person. My day looked pretty similar to anyone else’s that was a new first-time mom of relatively easy-going baby. It was a story that was not unique to a city mom vs. a small town mom vs. a suburbia mom.

Now. We have moved to the South Loop in Chicago, and Benton is anything but floppy. He is a busy toddler who likes to do ALL THE THINGS all the live long day. We have a couple of rooms in our apt, but he is mostly limited to the living room. Basically a big play pen. Smeared in avocado.

I like our apartment just fine, but it was not why we moved here. We are here because of the location.

B and I take full advantage of being a short walk from:

  • Two parks with jungle gyms and a sandbox
  • Grant Park
  • Shedd Aquarium
  • Field Museum
  • Target
  • Whole Foods
  • Trader Joes (!!!)
  • The beach
  • Millennium Park
  • The CTA
  • Starbucks

This is why we pay the rent we do. We don’t have a yard. And yes, I still long for a yard someday, but the two parks are only a block away. It seems like we have more space than we do. It is not private, but it is entertaining.

Most days we wake up, eat breakfast, and then go out. I used to take him in the Ergo, because it is was the easiest way to travel around the city when he was light enough. Now, I use the jogging stroller because B is getting huge, and I am trying to walk more to keep some pregnancy weight at bay. I would love to get a smaller umbrella stroller that can fold up on the CTA.

We usually head east to Grant Park and the Museum Campus. We are now members at the Shedd and the Aquarium. They are the perfect distance from my apartment, because I am usually in need of a restroom upon arrival. We don’t feel pressure to see all the exhibits, we can just pop in for an hour or so and see our favorite fish, dolphins, stuffed bears, mummies, or dinosaurs.

Sometimes I have to run errands in the morning, and those can usually be accomplished within a couple blocks and clipping bags to the stroller. Done!

After lunch and nap, we go out to the local park again and B runs around all he wants and watched big kids. That is his favorite activity. Big kid creeping. 

DADA comes home in between 6-7 and we eat, bathe, and read to the B. Then he is asleep at 8.

So that’s about it. I know that some Twitter friends had requested I post about having a toddler in the city, but I can’t think of anything super juicy to tell you. It is the only lifestyle I know, so maybe you can ask me specific questions in the comments if you have a burning quandary. Let me know!

Such a different life than just a few months back. Toddlerhood in the city has been good to us.


15 responses to “Doing Stuff

  1. I can’t wait to take my toddler on the same adventures. I love the city! I am jealous of you being steps away, however. 🙂

  2. Yup, officially jealous of your city adventures.

  3. THIS is a city-dweller’s dream. sometimes, i wish i could walk to a lot of cool places. although, driving there isn’t much harder, so really … i have no excuse.

  4. So jealous! Chicago was never a must visit city for me, but it is now. It seems like a lot of fun.

  5. B is such a little man. It always amazes me. I mean, duh, my child is getting bigger, so everyone else must as well – but yah. Fun times in the city!

    I hear you with the ergo v. the stroller. Lately A pushes against me like crazy if I wear her for too long and for long errands, I secretly like strapping everything to the stroller. Call me nuts. We just bought a cheapy fold up one because our chariot is anything but easy to haul around (It’s the bees knees for running though).

    Glad to see you posting again! Whee!

  6. You had me at walking distance to Trader Joes. Wow!!

  7. That’s good to hear – that city life and family life can work well together. I live in a place where I can walk to lots of kid-friendly zones, but it’s quite a long walk.

  8. This is awesome, thank you for posting this! I’m enjoying pretending what it’s like with the toddler in the city. Isobel loves Big Kid creeping as well. 🙂

  9. I love my suburban life but you make city living look pretty appealing. And I love pictures of B all the time. So cute.

  10. I love living vicariously through your snapshots. I always wanted to raise my kids in the city.


  11. Heeyyyy girl! I’ve been ultra absent from the interwebs, but I’m back! Slowly catching up on your adventures! Congrats on chubster # 2! xxoo

  12. Do you go somewhere every day? I’m starting to wonder if I need to do that with my two… It seems that these days, the tv is on a lot more than I’d prefer (and I’M the one with the remote!) 🙂

  13. How is he so big now?!?!? This is crazy! I cannot wait to meet the new Boley next year! Congrats Megan and Justin!

  14. I’m in love with your city family life. I would love to live in the city someday; like, close to downtown, in the city, like you. I have a backyard and honestly? Kinda overrated. I love the picture of B with the sunnies on. The sly smile peeking out from beneath his Elton John frames? Dead.

  15. This city life is so interesting and foreign to me. I grew up on a farm with the closest neighbor being a mile away. “Going to town” was a 20 minute drive. Now I live in our tiny city (okay, not that tiny, about 250,000 people) but I still drive past cows and horses on my way to Walmart.

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