Mittens are Dumb

This is such a picture heavy post, that I think I will just talk via captions. We went to the park. It was cold, but not freezing. B hates his mittens.

How does he already have smile wrinkles? What an old man. This picture gave me baby fever, even though I am pregnant.

Toddlers need to burn off A LOT of energy in the day. Or at least mine does. This can be tricky in the winter unless you are paying a mortgage for kid classes/activities in the city. If the temps are above 30, we are going to the park for sure. Maybe he will sleep through the night? (heh)

Ah, yes. One of his favorite park pastimes is Big Kid Creeping. He is enthralled by all things big kid. They generally ignore him because little kids are boring.

Speaking of big kids, he is obsessed with steps and learning to jump. Many hours a day are spent on this skill. Many.

I can't tell you how tired I am of this ball. It is always in the laundry room, blocking the doors to my washer and dryer. Since we have about 6 bajillion trajillicats more, I donated yet another to the park. It will be loved. Don't feel bad for it.

I was lucky enough to capture his first I-Can-Walk-Like-A-Big-Kid-Up-And-Down-The-Stairs success. He usually needs to hold on to something or crawls up. Whoa.

More creeping. Now with mouth breathing. :-/

"OMGAHHH mama! Are you seeing?! The Big Kid is playing with me!! Mouf Breaving worked!!"

And then it got dark and I had to pee. This is generally how the day ends.



4 responses to “Mittens are Dumb

  1. Your photos make me cold. I am also going to comment to all new posts in this one comment box because I am lazy like that.

    So glad things are normal and unexciting with the pregnancy. That is the way it should be. Also would hate the minimal weight gain part if I was pregnant, but I’m not, so yay you!

    You do a good job of making living in the city look fun and interesting and doable. But I am still quite content in my suburb-ish town (not actual suburb b/c nearest big city is 45 minutes away on a busy highway).

    Benton is the cutest ever (except for my own kids of course).

  2. I remember as our first fall/winter approached after Ezra turned 1 (I think I was also pregnant with Iris…), I was scared pantsless wondering how on the sweet earth we were going to burn all his energy and remain sane for 5 five months of winter.

    I am SO glad we haven’t had much snow this winter. It’s been…easier. And! I’ve noticed that big kids don’t need as much of an outlet for all the running as the smaller people do (at least ours). Thank the sweet heavens.

  3. this is so adorable. and your captions make me smile 🙂

  4. Second picture? It gives me baby fever. Oh man. Love these posts. And that you found your blogging mojo. LOVE IT! 🙂

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