Who Is This?

I am the mom in a family of 3. Justin is my husband, and Benton is my son (born July 2010). His baby brother is due in mid April.

I live in the South Loop of Chicago and adore it.

Winter is horrible.

I used to be an art director but now I stay at home with Benton. I have considered freelancing, but haven’t gone there yet.

I’ve met a lot of friends through blogging and tweeting, although I am not the prolific writer I used to be. If you want to be buddies, please talk to me on Twitter. I especially like connecting new moms or moms-to-be with the network of support that I have found there. Join us! It is not a scary commune. Well, yes it is.


17 responses to “Who Is This?

  1. I haven’t read Kingsolver’s book yet, though I’ve been meaning to. Your cats are fiercely handsome.

  2. Brooke from Indy (well, a burb of Indy)

    Great blog, love it! I actually happened upon it when I googled “curry brownies”?? I thought that I had come up with this great idea of a food creation, only to find you associated with that tag. Alas. Oh well, I really enjoyed your site.

  3. Hi,

    I work with your friend Amber, and found your blog through her blog. I love reading it everyday, keep it coming.


  4. rayburnphotography

    Porpus looks almost exactly like my grandmother’s Chubby. The only difference is that Chubby has white paws! Thus, your porpus is very handsome 🙂

  5. I love your site. Keep it up !

  6. megan,
    thanks for commenting on my site 🙂 I really like your site. It is ambitious to keep up with the “pic a day” I tried and failed, lol. I will continue to check up. Great stuff. Give Justin a hug. Hope to get out there at some point.

  7. Megan,
    I’m totally impressed! I really like the pics and the daily happiness concept. If I had a blog, this blog would be my entry today for my daily happiness!

    Miss you guys and see you soon!

  8. Thanks for the comment! I hope you don’t mind but I added your blog to my list and plan on checking up on your DPH’s regularly. I will continue to add to my currently underdeveloped blog and hopefully you will be a regular at the hambone chronicles too. See you around!

  9. That butter header is super awesome.

  10. Hey Megan, thanks for the retweet about “making” viral. I guess that was worth talking about, ha.

  11. i luv ur cats 🙂

  12. The fruit/belly comparison is just too cute! And I love the idea of a daily happiness shot. Perfect.

  13. I was reading your blog – it got posted on mine automtically. I just started one called baby and boy about having a 10 year old and a 1 and 1/2 year old.


  14. oh man. new to your blog via twitter. that picture of your baby is the greatest. my middle son always had a furrowed brow as a baby, too.

    but crap. seeing a cute newish baby boy really makes me want another.

    glad to have stumbled over here.

  15. oh wow! i finally looked at your “about me” page – after reading your blog for the past few months – and i realized we have cat twins! my jack & raul look like your schween and porpus! crazy!!

  16. Hi Megan,

    About a year ago I found your site when I was searching for a friend who shares your name 🙂 Turns out my son is a month younger then yours and your blog was a mirror of what I was experiencing.

    I just made a website to sell some of Memphis’ (my son) outgrown and never worn clothes and thought you might be a good person to let know about it. I’m selling everything really cheap, just want to pass it along. If you know of any other good sites to buy good but inexpensive used kids clothes, let me know!

    Thanks and congrats on baby # 2! Happy New Year!

    Nina McDermott

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