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Mittens are Dumb

This is such a picture heavy post, that I think I will just talk via captions. We went to the park. It was cold, but not freezing. B hates his mittens.

How does he already have smile wrinkles? What an old man. This picture gave me baby fever, even though I am pregnant.

Toddlers need to burn off A LOT of energy in the day. Or at least mine does. This can be tricky in the winter unless you are paying a mortgage for kid classes/activities in the city. If the temps are above 30, we are going to the park for sure. Maybe he will sleep through the night? (heh)

Ah, yes. One of his favorite park pastimes is Big Kid Creeping. He is enthralled by all things big kid. They generally ignore him because little kids are boring.

Speaking of big kids, he is obsessed with steps and learning to jump. Many hours a day are spent on this skill. Many.

I can't tell you how tired I am of this ball. It is always in the laundry room, blocking the doors to my washer and dryer. Since we have about 6 bajillion trajillicats more, I donated yet another to the park. It will be loved. Don't feel bad for it.

I was lucky enough to capture his first I-Can-Walk-Like-A-Big-Kid-Up-And-Down-The-Stairs success. He usually needs to hold on to something or crawls up. Whoa.

More creeping. Now with mouth breathing. :-/

"OMGAHHH mama! Are you seeing?! The Big Kid is playing with me!! Mouf Breaving worked!!"

And then it got dark and I had to pee. This is generally how the day ends.



As I Was Saying

to just pick up in the middle of a sentence like I never stopped blogging. Right?


I have a TODDLER.

A toddler who turned ONE last Sunday.

See, look. Obligatory cake picture:

He actually wasn’t as into the cake as I had hoped, but he will learn its goodness in time. What is he into?

BALLS. Bawwls. Balls? BAlls.

Can you see his little mouth all puckered and ready to blurt out “BAHWALL!” for the 892,347th time that day? He likes to say it a lot.

In fact, he thought it would be neat to wake us up at 5:45 a.m. saying “BALllll.” He sits up in bed like he’s just heard a burglar that just must be robbing him of his balls. Alert. He is immediately aware there are balls in the house that he must have. One happened to be in proximity to the bed, so he immediately decided we should have it IN the bed. “BALL.” So he threw it at us in true toddler-dodge-ball fashion. A joy and a delight. But a bit eaarrrrly. 

Our first few weeks of toddlerhood have been an explosion of NEW. He can understand what I am saying to him. He hugs me. He signs a few words that I JUST started teaching him. He squeals and runs to his DADA when he arrives home. There are so many sparks that I can see firing off in his little person mind, and it is exciting to watch.

How am I doing? In one sentence? I’m doing pretty well. Although, clearly, that could be expanded upon. More words are needed. More words, more words. I will write them here.


I have a learning: Do not wait until there are only 59 minutes left in the day to begin writing the day’s post.

Dribble. Durr. And Murp.

Luckily I have pictures from what I thought was going to be a baby-mama-nap session.

Naps are for suckers!


Tummy time is most tolerable on a mama tummy.

He just doesn't look like a four-month old human to me.

And then we went for a walk. In the stroller for a change.

B, wave to the camera from your cute bundle nest of a stroller.


Right after that was taken, he informed me that he hated the stroller at that moment. He wanted to be carried for this walk, so I used my newly muscled mom arms to do just that. He talked and cooed and commented all the way home.

I don’t keep a baby book beyond this blog, and I haven’t really been keeping track of all the milestones. But there are certain things I don’t want to forget about right now. So. This next part is notes for the future me that wants to remember what was going on with little 16 week-old Benton.

  • When I hold him in his favorite position—standing—he looks around with so much curiosity and his little jowls puff out.
  • He is starting to use his hands more deliberately each day, and when I hold him, he grabs onto me. I love that he needs me.
  • He has smelled amazing since he was born and continues to be huffable.
  • When he wakes up confused after a nap, all he needs is his mom or dad’s face to remind him he is safe.
  • When we hold him in the mirror to check out our reflections, he gazes back with a huge grin and then buries his face in our shoulder.
  • No matter how far I scoot away in the bed, he manages to velcro himself to me. Even while he is asleep, he will migrate until he is a baby barnacle.
  • His hands and feet are enormous and I have to clip his fingernails daily because they grow faster than I ever thought they could.
  • He rolled over on Halloween and is just beginning to practice sitting on his own, although it is very humpty dumpty.
  • When I tell him that I love him, he responds in baby chatter almost every time.


I’ve written about my problem with impatience many times. It’s one of life’s great struggles for me. Most of the time it is a terrible quality to have, as it mucks around with enjoying the present moment. Although sometimes it can be a good thing when I need to move something forward quickly.

In order to appreciate what I have at the moment, it often takes a conscious effort to remind me what I’ve already got in front of me. Frequent writing or photography will usually keep me mindful and reflective of what is here and now.

But for the first time in my life, I’m feeling effortlessly present.

Benton has made me realize how quickly time passes by. I am savoring each day I have with him when he is tiny. Why must he get big? Of course I am looking forward to his first laugh, his first reach for me, and a million other inevitable milestones. But with each new change, my heart aches. Because he is growing a thousand times faster than I can bear. The last month of my pregnancy ticked by slowly. Longest weeks of my life. But somehow the first few weeks of Benton’s life on the outside have gone by in the blink of an eye. It feels like he has been with us forever. And yet we just met.

I thought my impatience would  cause me to long for the newborn stage to be over, because of how difficult I envisioned it to be. Now I want to pause each second of the day, so it lasts a lifetime. So excuse me while I go snuggle my tiny 9 lb baby before we are into the double-digit weigh-ins. He is just three feet from behind me right now, and I miss him.